The Glenrock Planning Commission approved Matt Miller’s proposal for a conditional use permit to build a car wash on the property located at 303 West Birch St., where the empty barber and pottery shops are currently located, at Tuesday night’s meeting. Miller now must present his proposal to town council at their first meeting of the year for the final say on the project. 

Glenrock’s building and zoning inspector Kasey Drummond presented to the commission before Miller explained the project and the floor opened up for questioning. 

“I bring this project before you all in favor of it,” Drummond said. “I do believe that it meets the conditional use permit. This is our downtown and we have a pretty distinct look. We would like to keep it looking that way. Matt and Amanda very much want the same thing for their building. They want it to look just like it would fit into our downtown.”

Jeannie Girder has owned the beauty salon next to the proposed area, Hair Designs, since 1976. Girder was the only business owner within 350 feet of the property to voice a concern to the commission at Tuesday night’s meeting. 

She said that the alley between her building and the Knotty Pine Saloon is already a tight fit which places her building in danger of collision. Hair Designs has been hit three times since Girder took it over, an occurence which she says has made insurance hard to handle. She felt the increase in traffic needs to be handled in order to keep motorists from abusing the alley which runs north and south between Third and Fouth Streets. 

“I really don’t want to see my alley end up being a natural choice of an exit,” she said. “That alley side is where I have the romping and it’s easier for my older clients to get in through there. I don’t have anything against you doing it, I just have concerns because I’m the one that’s going to be right there.” 

“No matter what type of business could go on that property, that will always be a concern,” Drummond said. 

The plans for the car wash and lube station are still in the works with the property still belonging to Leonard Miller.

“As we plan right now. the entry will be off of Third Street,” Matt Miller said. 

He also said that, right now, he is looking at a steel building with facia on it, which will offer 24-hour service from a credit card machine.

“I’m trying to bring what I can to Glernock,” Miller said. “I think that a good car wash with an auto wash bay and a good lube shop will help downtown.”

The area in question measures 110 by 123 feet. One bay would measure 16x38 feet, with the other two measuring 18x38 feet and enough room for vehicles to maneuver without entering the alley. 

“There’s also going to be landscaping and you can do a lot of directional flow with landscaping and possible fencing, as well,” Drummond said.

“I think it’d be a great thing for the town, actually,” commission member Rob Vollmar said. “I think if we can limit the traffic going into the alley, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t go forward with accepting this proposal.”

Miller has also offered to grade and pave the alley to make it safer. 

“I have heartburn about it because that’s our first library,” commission member Lana Richardson said of the existing building. “I just don’t like the idea of a lube and car wash in downtown Glenrock.”

“I think if we look at our downtown and get realistic, we have to look at the old Coachman Hotel there,” commission chair Bonita Hunt said. “It’s a rundown mess. The buildings here, they aren’t used anymore. The beauty shop’s gone, and it’s a sad thing, but they aren’t that attractive of buildings. We aren’t tearing down something gorgeous. If he can make it look nice, I think it will be a tremendous improvement to our downtown.”

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