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City Council Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2019

The regular meeting of the Douglas City Council was held on Monday, July 8, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 101 N. 4th Street, Douglas, Wyoming. CALL TO ORDER/PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE/ROLL CALL: Mayor Kemper called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Upon roll call the following were present: Mayor: Rene’ Kemper; Council Members: Monty Gilbreath, Kim Pexton, Karl E. Hertz, Others Present: City Administrator, Jonathan Teichert; City Clerk, Karen Rimmer; City Treasurer, Mary Nicol; Chief of Police, Ron Casalenda; Public Works Director, John Harbarger; Community Dev. Director, Clara Chaffin; IT Director, Gary Schwarz. Disclosures by City Councilmembers: Mayor Kemper asked for disclosures of any conflicts of interest for Council members.  Councilmember Gilbreath stated he would abstain from voting on Council Action Items numbers 5.I., 5.II., and 5.VI. due to conflicts; Councilmember Pexton stated she would abstain from voting on Council Action Items numbers 5.I. and 5.II. due to conflicts; and Mayor Kemper stated she would abstain from voting on Council Action Item number 5.VII. due to a conflict. Consent Agenda: Councilmember Bartling moved to approve the Consent Agenda as presented: Item 2.I. Corrections, Additions, and Approval of Agenda for July 8, 2019; Item 2.II. Consideration of Resolutions and Ordinance by Title Only; Item 2.III. Warrant Register, June 2019; Item 2.IV. Minutes, Regular City Council Meeting, June 24, 2019. Councilmember Gilbreath seconded; no discussion and motion approved 5-0. Presentations to Council, Public Hearings: Item 3.I. Resolution 2007, Authorizing Submission of an Abandoned Mine Lands Public Facility Grant Application to the State Loan and Investment Board on Behalf of the Governing Body for the City of Douglas for the Water Treatment Plant Slow Sand Filter Replacement Project: Mayor Kemper opened the public hearing; City Administrator Teichert provided an overview of this item, including the application deadline and SLIB Board hearing dates; estimated and budgeted project costs; and the total amount of funding available from the Abandoned Mine Lands fund. There were no questions from Council and no comments in favor or opposition of the resolution; public hearing closed. Councilmember Hertz moved to approve Resolution 2007 as presented; Councilmember Pexton seconded; no discussion and motion approved 5-0. Public Comments: Jessica and Justin McGuire approached Council expressing concerns regarding the state of their property at 1208 Townsend Court; they are experiencing severe slope erosion into the N. Platte River to the point that it is threatening their home and their neighbor’s home. They met with Converse County Emergency Management Director, Russ Dalgarn, who advised them to come to City Council. They explained the sluffing began in May 2018; they have been advised by geotechnical engineers to have soil core samples obtained and evaluated, and then have the property surveyed based upon that data. Administrator Teichert explained that he has met with Russ Dalgarn and provided photos to Council. He further explained that there may be Homeland Security grant funds available. Another option may be CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funds. Dave Angiolillo approached Council expressing frustration regarding an insurance claim he had filed earlier this year due to a water leak in the street which he claims caused sand to get into his service line, thereby causing damage to several lines and appliances within his home. For subsequent water line leaks and breaks, he was advised by the City to shut the water off to his house until the repairs were made. He spoke about the history of the infrastructure and the consistent issues that the water lines in this area experience. The City’s general liability insurance carrier, LGLP (Local Government Liability Pool) conducted an investigation, resulting in a denial of his claim; he stated that he was never contacted. Director Harbarger clarified that his staff was contacted during the investigation by LGLP, and that Windriver Drive is in the 5-year capital construction plan for replacement; however, it is not the worst water line in the City’s infrastructure. Administrator Teichert added that projects are scheduled to allow water, sewer, street, curb, and gutter to all be replaced at the same time to avoid cutting into new streets in order to make water and sewer repairs. Following final comments and discussion, Administrator Teichert stated the he would speak with LGLP regarding the claim process as well as customer service but cautioned Council against the City becoming involved in any way in the outcome of investigations. Council Items: Item 5.I. Resolution 2006, Approving the Proposition for Imposition of a One Percent (1%) Specific Purpose Sales and Use Excise Tax in Converse County, Wyoming, Said Proposition to be Placed on the Ballot at an Election to be Held in Converse County on Tuesday, November 5, 2019: Councilmembers Gilbreath and Pexton left Council Chambers. Councilmember Bartling moved to approve Resolution 2006 as presented; seconded by Councilmember Hertz. Discussion followed regarding Council’s recognition of the possible controversial nature of this ballot measure which is why they feel any decision regarding a new rec center needs to be made by the voters of Converse County. Resolution 2006 is one of the first steps to bring this decision to the voters. No further discussion and motion approved 3-0 with Councilmembers Gilbreath and Pexton abstaining from the vote. Item 5.II. Douglas Rec Center Joint Powers Board Agreement: Councilmembers Gilbreath and Pexton continued to remain absent from Council Chambers. Councilmember Hertz moved to approve the Douglas Rec Center Joint Powers Board Agreement as presented; Councilmember Bartling seconded. Administrator Teichert stated that it was his understanding that this item was in need of further revisions before being approved by any of the parties involved.  Councilmembers Hertz and Bartling rescinded their motion and second. Councilmember Bartling moved to table this item; seconded by Councilmember Hertz. Discussion followed regarding the intent to bring this item to the next regular Council meeting. No further discussion and motion approved 3-0 with Councilmembers Gilbreath and Pexton abstaining from the vote. Following the vote, Councilmembers Gilbreath and Pexton returned to Council Chambers.  Item 5.III. Deferred Development Agreement Between the City of Douglas and Ashby Construction, Meadow Acres Subdivision: Councilmember Hertz moved to approve deferred development agreement as presented, and further authorize the City Administrator to sign all associated documentation; Councilmember Pexton seconded. Discussion followed regarding Council action several years ago regarding this area and the development of Windriver. Director Chaffin stated the meeting in question was January 25, 2016 in which Resolution 1888 was approved; there is no mention of the improvement of Windriver in either the minutes or the resolution, nor does Ashby Construction have the financial means to connect Windriver to W. Richards Street at this time. She clarified the types of properties that would be developed in the area (single family and twin homes) and that water and sewer would be looped and emergency access would be required (no public access). Administrator Teichert added that it is in the best interest of the City to not develop a street in full within a phased project in order to avoid expensive long-term maintenance of city infrastructure with no development around it. No further discussion and motion approved 5-0. Item 5.IV. Bid Recommendation, West Richards Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project: Councilmember Gilbreath moved to approve the bid as recommended and accept the bid from Reiman Corp. in the amount of $112,580.00 and further authorize the City Administrator to execute all documentation as necessary; seconded by Councilmember Hertz; no discussion and motion approved 5-0. Item 5.V. Community Service Grant Agreements, FY2020: Boys and Girls Club of Douglas; Converse Area New Development Organization (CANDO) D/B/A The Enterprise; Children’s Advocacy Project; Converse County Aging Services/Douglas Senior Center; Converse Hope Center; Douglas Community Club; Douglas Youth Hockey; Fire Suppression Authority; Here to Help Foundation of Wyoming; Human Resource Council D/B/A Community Service Block Grant (CSBG); Laramie Peak Humane Society; Solutions for Life; Wyoming Child and Family Development: Councilmember Bartling moved to approve the Community Service Grant Agreements for Boys & Girls Club of Douglas; CANDO/The Enterprise; Children’s Advocacy Project; Converse County Aging/Senior Center; Converse Hope Center; Douglas Community Club; Douglas Youth Hockey; Fire Suppression Authority; Here to Help Foundation of Wyoming; HR Council/CSBG; Laramie Peak Humane Society; Solutions for Life; and Wyoming Child and Family Development as presented; Councilmember Pexton seconded. No discussion and motion approved 5-0. Item 5.VI. Community Service Grant Agreement, Converse County School District #1 (CCSD#1) Recreation Board, FY2020: Councilmember Gilbreath removed himself from Council Chambers. Councilmember Pexton moved to approve the Community Service Grant Agreement for the CCSD#1/Rec Center as presented; seconded by Councilmember Bartling; no discussion and motion approved 4-0 with Councilmember Gilbreath abstaining from the vote. Following the vote, Councilmember Gilbreath returned to Council Chambers. Item 5.VII. Community Service Grant Agreement, Youth Development Services, FY2020: Mayor Kemper passed the gavel to Mayor pro tem Bartling and then removed herself from Council Chambers. Councilmember Hertz moved to approve the Community Service Grant Agreement for Youth Development Services as presented; Councilmember Gilbreath seconded; no discussion and motion approved 4-0 with Mayor Kemper abstaining from the vote. Following the vote, Mayor Kemper returned to Council Chambers. Department Reports: Item 5.I. Administrative Services Dept./City Treasurer: Mary Nicol, Administrative Services Director, stated she and her department are preparing for the FY2019 audit in October; closing out FY2019 items; and working through FY2020 tasks. July is when pest control charges will be on city bills. Her department is also working on online bill pay and beginning the process to update the financial software for the City; the new software will determine what the City’s online bill pay and account access will look like. Item 5.II. City Clerk: Karen Rimmer, City Clerk, stated she is processing a lot of various permits; 56 permits have been processed so far in 2019, the same amount as this time last year. There is currently a city-appointed board vacancy on the Converse County Tourism Board which the City is advertising for; applications will be accepted until the board position is filled. She is also working on FY2019 year end and FY2020 items, and was recently appointed as the WAMCAT (WY Association of Clerks and Treasurers) Board Vice President. Item 5.III. Community Development Department: Clara Chaffin, Community Development Director, stated that her department is in full swing for residential and commercial building; since the last department report, 18 additional building permits have been issued, the largest of which is the Boys & Girls Club. The Heritage Square parking lot is currently closed to public access due to that project but should be open again prior to WY State Fair. She also provided an overview of various building projects underway. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Brownfield Grant process continues; her department has reached out to property owners and have learned that several of these potential qualifying properties have undergone some assessments. Code compliance issues and solutions continue, including one serious violation, which they are working through. Item 5.IV. Police Department: Ron Casalenda, Chief of Police, stated that the upgrades to the City financial software will also impact his department in a positive manner as it will allow court fines to be paid via avenues that do not exist now. The two new Police vehicles are here and operational. He has hired one new officer since the last department update, who is doing well, and graduation of two officers from the WY Law Enforcement Academy will be August 2, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. Item 5.V. Public Works Department: John Harbarger, Public Works Director, provided updates on several projects: High Plains Construction will be beginning the sewer line replacement project between N. 5th and N. 6th Streets, Center to Poplar, this week with estimated completion the end of August/beginning of September. The upcoming dog park is now in the design phase with completion anticipated for this fall. The Little Boxelder Spring Transmission Line project continues; the line is now approximately 1.5 miles from the springhouse, and the first bore under I-25 is complete. Item 5.VI. City Administrator: Jonathan Teichert, City Administrator, explained that he is working towards several deadline dates: comments for the BLM Supplemental EIS (Environmental Impact Study) are due by July 25, 2019; the AML Grant application submission deadline is July 15, 2019; comments are due to WYDEQ (Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality) for the Cedar Springs Wind III Project by August 9, 2019; the EPA fiber extension grant that he is working on is due on August 1, 2019; and Rocky Mountain Power is taking comments on their IRP (Integrated Resource Plan) until September 15, 2019. Following Council questions, Administrator Teichert stated that he has met with the owners of the old Shopko building, and they have been contacted by several business owners, but nothing has been finalized yet that he is aware of. Council and Administrator Teichert also discussed the plans and costs of remodeling City Hall; there are other options, and the City will move forward with having City Hall appraised and work with Amundsen & Associates regarding new construction costs. Council added that the City is not in favor of spending that kind of money on the current facility, and further added that they recognize the need to make Council Chambers more ADA accessible and are glad staff is looking into other options. Mayor Kemper thanked everyone for the updates. Council Information: Item 7.I. Unapproved Minutes, Regular Converse County Tourism Board Meeting, June 20, 2019: No discussion and no action taken. Executive Session: Mayor and Council determined that there was no reason to go into Executive Session at this meeting. Adjourn: Councilmember Hertz moved to adjourn the regular Council meeting; Councilmember Bartling seconded; no discussion and motion approved 5-0. Regular meeting adjourned at 6:26 p.m.


/s/ Karen Rimmer, City Clerk    /s/ Rene’ Kemper, Mayor

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