C.C. Unapproved Minutes...

Unapproved Minutes

Board of Commissioners of Converse County

    The regular meeting was called to order at 8:15 a.m. on July 2, 2019.  Present were Chair Robert Short, Vice-Chair Jim Willox, Commissioners Mike Colling, Rick Grant, Tony Lehner and County Clerk Lucile Taylor.

    Misters Josh and Vern Moore discussed their proposal to realign a portion of Ross Road where it goes by their homes.  The County would not have any cost for the construction of the realignment. Health and safety for family members and animals are a concern. There was a concern that the County does not currently have an easement for Ross Road across the State and BLM sections.  The Moores asked if the County would submit the required permits for the proposed new route.  The County will pursue obtaining the necessary permits across the State and BLM.

    The regular meeting recessed at 12:00 p.m. and reconvened at 1:00 p.m.

    The regular meeting recessed at 4:00 p.m. into the Board of Health.

    The regular meeting reconvened at 8:30 a.m. on July 3, 2019.

    Mr. Kevin Christensen, High Plains District Manager and Mr. Lonnie Bagley, Casper Field Office Manager, BLM, discussed progress on the EIS in Converse County.  Vice-Chairman Jim Willox discussed Ross Road and the need for a ROW through the BLM portions.  Mr. Bagley said one application to the BLM would suffice.

    Mr. Thomas Osen, 4th Dimension Surveying, and Mr. Ray Bozlee, Golden Field Services, discussed the advantage of LiDAR for surveying. If all of Converse County was surveyed, the cost would be approximately $931,902.

    The regular meeting recessed at 12:00 p.m. and reconvened at 1:30 p.m.

    Mr. Jim Wasson and Mr. Tim Morgan, Black Hills Energy, discussed placing a gas pipeline in the Irvine Road right-of-way.  BHE is requesting a variance to the County’s Bore Permit adjusting the depth to 4 feet to the top of pipe.  Black Hills Energy will submit a ROW agreement for consideration.

    The minutes of the regular meeting on June 18, 2019 were approved and ordered filed.

    Mr. Grant moved to approve accounts payable:  1922327.44:  48057 358 Tech; 8750 4 State Trailers; 1011.05 71 Const; 15675 A Diamond Trucking; 1373.25 Adv Comm Tech; 20265Adv Geotechnical Solutions; 498.75 Agility Recovery; 525 Alcohol & Drug Testing; 450 Alentado Training Consultants; 1000 Alley, Linda; 1234.84 ALSCO;1362.45 Arrow Electric; 427.58 Atlas Office; 659.69 Atlas Premier; 1195.83 B&B Leasing; 12650 B A Trucking; 54 Benefit Administrators; 706.63 Bison Pump; 4572.68 BHE; 17215 Blackburn Cattle Co; 174 Blain, Carla;1270.30 Bloedorn Lumber; 338762 BCBS of WY; 51.67 Bob Ruwart; 280 The Body Shop; 2083.37 Boys & Girls Club Douglas; 1666.63 Boys & Girls Clubs Central WY; 82.70 Brothers Propane; 433.47 Brown Co; 3004 ByteSpeed; 2085 Calibre Press; 7410.29 CDW Govt; 5212.24 CenturyLink; 914.31 Chief Supply; 833.50 Children’s Advocacy; 2347.40 City of Douglas; 150 City Shoe; 131.08 Cobb, Patti; 15 Coca Cola Bottling Co; 11037.50 Comm Tech; 15000 CC Aging Services; 76.66 CC Auto Repair; 4300 CC Firewise; 30 CC Health Dept; 336234.75 CC Library; 596.03 CC Weed & Pest; 184.44 Cowardin, Darcey; 145.50 Cowboy Chemical; 1089.80 Creative Culture Insignia; 15.75 Cytocheck Lab; 955.19 Dearborn Nat’l Life Ins; 75.44 Deaver, Terri; 576.95 Decker Auto Glass; 1800 Dilts, Jerry; 61.68 Don’s Business Machines; 2923 Douglas Budget; 1050 Douglas Custom Seat Covers; 300 Douglas Day Spa; 1509.38 Douglas Hardware Hank; 482.22 DTC; 3482.33 DRU Consulting; 9438.63 Dustbusters; 534.83 Farmer Bros; 429 FARO Tech; 718.30 Fastenal; 1134.00 FileMaker; 89.02 Fleet Fueling; 19255 Force America Dist; 81.78 Fowler, Leslie; 128.50 Gabert, Harley; 299.90 Galls; 1780 Glaxosmithkline; 50000 GEDC; 345.46 Glenrock Hardware Hank; 4583.33 Gorman Funeral Homes; 1507.12 Grainger; 483.72 Grant, Richard C; 1929.60 Grant, Richard C JR; 1556.25 Greenwood Mapping; 800 Gudahl Williams; 422.50 Hansuld, Tia; 65 Harris, Rebecca; 112.50 Harvey Economics; 31125.50 Homax; 4766 Home Town Printed Apparel; 4400 HR Performance Solutions; 29 Hubbard, Kyra; 70.73 Hughes; 2500.04 Human Resource Council of CC; 100 Insurance Corner; 601.75 Interstate Batteries; 146.25 Intoximeters; 950 J D Power & Assoc; 200 Jerri Barrett Counseling; 1223.52 Jerry s Welding; 410 Joyful Living Massage; 234.18 Kimball Midwest; 560 King, Ronda; 109.94 Kleemeyer, Cody; 12091.10 Knife River; 369.61 Koss Eric; 1162.66 LPHS; 446.50 Laramie Range Water Treatment; 414.12 Larramendy, Nick; 445.44 Lehner, Tony; 839.99 Lexisnexis Matthew Bender; 29 Martin, Tiffany; 63.80 Mason, Heidi; 834.23 Master’s Touch; 1055.36 McKesson Medical-Surgical; 1738.54 Medicine Bow Tech; 39021.98 MHCC; 47.69 Merback Award; 26.65 Miller, Casey; 27.01 Miller, Crimson; 1225 Mitchell, Kris; 133.78 Motor Power Casper; 532208.25 Motorola; 1056 N-ear IVS;1168.52 NAPA; 45.45 NAPA-Glenrock; 115 Nat’l Sheriffs Assn; 935.18 Nat’l High School Rodeo Assn; 41.05 Newman Traffic Signs; 819.01 Norco; 240 North Bill Disposal; 4509.20 Northwest Community Action Programs ; 94.11 O’Reilly; 306.10 OffenderWatch; 35 Office Ally; 1775.24 Office Depot; 1133.63 OK Wrecking; 31312.50 Olsen DeWayne; 11365.04 On Target Ammunition; 3288.85 One Stop Auto Plex; 94.99 Ormseth, Matt; 1419.23 Parker Xavier Consulting; 58 Patterson, Lisa; 900 PDQ.Com Corp; 3794.33 Peak Fitness; 28.45 Peech, Benjamin; 9872.76 Pierce’s Body; 746.70 Pitney Bowes; 837.40 Plainsman Printing; 400 Post and Assn; 3940.02 Power Equipment; 60 PRIA; 34705 Price Pumping Service; 2250 Pro River Tech; 1701.05 ProForce Law Enf; 47.92 Pump N Pak; 100 Pure Raine Salon; 919 R&R Rest Stops; 389.50 Radar Shop; 112.35 Road Runner Service; 9.36 Roberts, Leah; 15530.42 RMP; 411.75 Rocky Mountain Wash; 251.75 Ron’s Supply; 449.29 Sam’s Club; 644.77 Sanofi Pasteur; 30 Secretary of State; 1133.29 Shatto’s; 53.30 Sheriff s Office Petty Cash; 29 Shuler Kristy; 33 Solutions For Life; 2385.04 Source Office; 9572.53 Spradley Barr; 19.79 State of WY; 4650 Stearns, Jane MS; 108.26 Stericycle; 1036 Sundseth, Rebecca; 32.51 Taylor, Lucile; 177 Texas Refinery; 1480 Tiffin Metal Products; 431.09 Top Office; 15476.50 Town of Glenrock; 355.97 Tractor Supply; 50 TransUnion Risk; 1920.12 Twiford, Calvin R; 7565.96 Tyler Technologies Inc; 34.80 Ullery, Jennifer; 904.25 US Latex Products; 1220.50 US Postal Service; 2691.98 UW 4-H in CC; 3862.18 Verizon; 24036.36 Visa; 9255 Vision Service Plan; 1955.10 Visionary; 166.37 Vyve; 3862.50 Weidenhamer, Leslie; 630 Western Sky Design; 132.70 Wilde, Shawn; 40 Williams, Wesley; 555.64 Willox Jim; 40 Wilson, Chayse; 1769.25 Wireless Adv Comm; 102.40 Wright, Weston; 7396 WBI; 3600 WCCA; 50 WY Dept of Agriculture; 11515.51 Wy Dept of Health-Public Health Nursing; 3884.11 WYDOT; 1575 WY Financial Insurance; 1560.42 WY Machinery; 10 WPOA; 911WY Public Health Lab; 25 WY Rigging; 3400 WSF; 241.06 Xerox Corp; 1493.77 Xerox Financial; 3333.37 YDS; 25800 Z Lazy Y Trucking; monthly reports: May, Assessor 67, Health 10365.75, Sheriff 2476.21; June, Assessor 65.40,  Clerk 64,876.08; Clerk of DC 4609.94; other monthly reports:  FSA, CCTPB, Airport; tax refunds: 2019-25 Chesapeake 50770.14; 2019-33 Hyperion Oil 85.20; 2019-35 Devon 4364.42; 2019-36 Devon 662.74; Mr. Lehner seconded, Mr. Grant abstained from voting, motion carried.

    Mr. Colling moved to approve the Provider Agreement between Natrona County and Converse County for Juvenile Detention Services, ending July 1, 2021, $195/day, Mr. Willox seconded, motion carried.

    Mr.  Willox moved to approve the Contract between the WY Department of Health, Public Health Division and Converse County, County Health Officer, ending June 30, 2020, $12,000.00 (State $9600; County match $2400), Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.

    Mr. Grant moved to approve Change Order No. 3 to the Lease Agreement with Bilfinger Westcon extending the lease for one (1) month, ending August 31, 2019, pending submittal of the Agreement and allow a Commissioner to sign after approval by the County Attorney, Mr. Willox seconded, motion carried.

    Mr. Colling moved to approve the following Bore Permits: #1 20” steel gas pipeline, Bill Hall  Road (CR 63), Tallgrass Midstream; #2 natural gas pipeline, Walker Creek Road (CR 43) Tallgrass Midstream; #3 8” steel pipeline, Walker Creek Road (CR 43), Jackalope Gas Gathering, Mr. Grant seconded, motion carried.

    Mr. Lehner moved to reappoint Ms. April Hiser and to appoint Ms. Kathy Weinsaft to terms ending July 2022 on Glenrock Area Solid Waste Disposal District Board of Directors; Mr. Grant seconded, motion carried.


    The regular meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m. on July 3, 2019. /s/ Robert G. Short, Chairman ATTEST: Lucile K Taylor, Converse County Clerk

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