Unapproved Minutes...

Unapproved Minutes

Board of Commissioners of Converse County

    The regular meeting was called to order at 8:03 a.m. on June 4, 2019.  Present were Vice-Chair Jim Willox, Commissioners Mike Colling, Rick Grant, Tony Lehner and County Clerk Lucile Taylor.  Chairman Short was excused.

    The minutes of the regular meeting on May 21, 2019 and the executive sessions on May 21, 2019 were approved and ordered filed.

    Mr. Colling moved to approve accounts payable: 1748230.93; 45 307 Healing Waters; 212 307 Signs and More; 6820 A Diamond Trucking; 1459.67 Ace Calibrations; 44 Advanced Animal Clinic; 1357.29 Adv Comm Tech; 1169 Adv Geotechnical Solutions; 498.75 Agility Recovery Solutions; 35 Alcohol & Drug Testing; 1000 Alley, Linda; 1267.88 ALSCO; 5586.92 Atlas Office; 374.51 Atlas Premier; 982.81 B&B Leasing; 6875 B A Trucking; 264473.05 B&M Sand & Gravel; 86.27 Bison Pump; 5048.48 BHE; 7920 Blackburn Cattle; 549.01Bloedorn Lumber-Douglas; 194.27 Blomberg, Kelli; 446911.54 BCBS of WY; 2394.10 Bob Ruwart Motors; 380 The Body Shop; 2083.33 Boys & Girls Club Douglas; 735 Casteel, Robert; 2661.79 CDW Govt; 5207.39 CenturyLink; 100 Certain Serenity Massage; 284.02 Certified Lab; 200 ChemaTox Lab; 119.96 Chief Supply; 416.65 Children’s Advocacy; 3204.02 City of Douglas; 43.90 CMI-TECO;149.64 Cobb, Patti; 84.75 Coca Cola Bottling; 87 Colling, Mike; 656.50 Comm Tech; 208 Control Solutions; 15000 CC Aging Services; 61.84 CC Auto Repair; 4100 CC Firewise; 43.61 CC Health Dept; 1333.32 CCSD #1; 39000 CC Senior Citizens District; 1250 Converse Hope Center; 145.50 Cowboy Chemical; 615 Creative Wood-n-things; 79.43 Croell; 80.49 Dearborn Natl Life Ins; 212.44 Decker Auto Glass; 358 Don’s Business Machines; 3264 Douglas Budget; 203.25 Douglas Business Center; 87.98 Douglas Feed; 8.09 Douglas Grocery; 1162.21 Douglas Hardware Hank; 530 Douglas Sign; 216.98 DTC; 2500 Douglas Youth Hockey; 18611.44 Dustbusters; 525 Emery Septic; 16666.70 The Enterprise; 728 Envision Painting; 1904.64 Fastenal Co; 481 Fat Boys Tireo; 247764 Floyd’s Truck Center; 300 Ft Fetterman Sportsman’s Assn; 23.78 Fowler, Leslie; 41.55 Glenrock Hardware Hank; 2583.33 Gorman Funeral Homes; 320.91 Grainger; 87 Grant, Richard C; 2246.40 Grant, Richard C JR; 600 Gudahl Williams; 292.50 Hansuld, Tia; 1400 Harvey Economics; 120 Herrera, Paul; 39121.20 Highway Improvement; 993.74 Hilltop Natl Bank; 29 Hiser, Kim; 27324.85 Homax; 461.70 Home Town Printed Apparel; 594.95 Hose & Rubber Supply; 16 HUB; 29 Hubbard, Kyra; 70.73 Hughes; 1083 Hutchinson, Hal; 232 Huxtable, Dixie; 150 Inner Strength Therapeutic Massage; 150 The Insurance Corner; 591.80 Interstate Batteries; 442 J D Power & Assoc; 506.48 James A Wilkerson IV MD PC; 15726.26 Jerry’s Welding; 510 Joyful Living Massage; 539.02 Kimball Midwest; 1347.96 Knudsen Law Offices; 1075.92 Kone; 1167.67 LPHS; 409.50 Laramie Range Water Treatment; 104.40 Larramendy, Nick; 234 Lehner, Tony; 20 Leman, Megan; 441.09 MailFinance; 58 Martin, Tiffany; 12.96 Mason, Heidi; 604.97 The Master’s Touch; 6024.96 Medicine Bow Tech; 157818.46 MHCC; 56.38 Merback Award Co; 2043.04 Merck Sharp; 27.68 Miller, Crimson; 4904.40 Montana State Univ; 30.52 Moore’s Heavy Equipment; 136.36 Motor Power Casper; 1636.61 MSL; 158 NACCTFO; 1410.14 NAPA; 118.33 NAPA-Glenrock; 357 Nat’l High School Rodeo Assn; 17630 Natrona Co Attorney; 101.67 Newman Traffic Signs; 630.76 Norco; 196.19 North Bill Disposal; 8820.16 Northwest Community Action Programs ; 263.54 O’Reilly; 35 OffenderWatch; 35 Office Ally; 744.31 Office Depot; 60539.05 Office of the State Public Defender; 1282.46 OK Wrecking; 16995 Olsen DeWayne; 1240 Palen Law Offices; 625 Peaceful Minds Wellness Center; 2228.86 Peak Fitness; 69.47 Peterbilt of WY; 136.50 Peterson, Amber; 150 Peterson, Justin; 775.63 Pierce’s Body & Paint; 1515.72 Plainsman Printing; 990 PoliceOne; 21945 Price Pumping; 695 Progressive Microtechnology; 100 Pure Raine; 300.07 Quality Office; 155.99 Quill Corp; 1129.11 R&R Rest Stops; 99.28 R&S Northeast; 60.66 Renegade Off-Road; 3330.54 Riverscreen; 16.04 Road Runner Service; 14575.64 RMP; 311.75 Rocky Mountain Wash; 480.65 Ron’s Supply; 53564.76 Russell Const; 426.14 Sams; 47 Sandy’s Sewing; 7195 Say It With A Condom; 30.00 Secretary of State; 7116.50 Severson Supply; 852.08 Shatto’s; 81 Sherman, Terri; 121.70 Short Powerline; 307.40 Short, Robert; 29 Shuler Kristy; 3033.74 Solutions For Life; 558 Source Office & Technology; 678.56 Stag Arms LLC; 11.53 State of Wyoming; 1050 Stearns, Jane MS LPC; 108.26 Stericycle Inc; 467.44 Stewart & Stevenson Power Products; 14.12 Swanbom, Hannah; 23.46 Taylor, Lucile; 452.50 Team Lab Chemical Corp;150 Terminix of WY; 1738 Texas Refinery; 147.13 Top Office; 983.55 Town of Glenrock; 544.39 Tractor Supply; 50 TransUnion Risk; 207.96 Tri State Truck; 2384.94 Twiford, Calvin; 17949.02 Tyler Tech; 55 USPO; 639 United Tower Service; 5311.21 UW; 4465.85 Valli Information Systems; 3326.17 Verizon; 17276.51 Visa; 2005.62 Visionary; 166.37 Vyve; 3862.50 Weidenhamer, Leslie; 332.30 Wilde, Shawn; 416.44 Willox Jim; 17130 WBI; 416.63 WC & FD; 250 WY Co Assessors Assn; 1040.95 WYDOT; 5638.91 WY Machinery; 400 WY Pioneer Assn; 552 WY Public Health Lab; 27.60 WY Rigging; 1500 WSF; 240.80 Xerox; 1338.21 Xerox Financial; 6666.66 YDS; 11000 Z Lazy Y Trucking; monthly reports: May Clerk 72,187.99; Clerk of DC 4374.94; Apr Health 7631.28; Sheriff 2438.97; tax refunds/cancel: 2019-29 & 30 Kurt Taylor 297.66, 324.69; 2019-31 & 32 Margaret Werner 111.65 & 109.10; other monthly reports: CCTPB, warrants to void, 15783 Circuit Ct of CC 1194.61, 54922 Tony Lehner 234.00, Mr. Lehner seconded, the commission abstained from voting on warrants issued to them, motion carried

    Mr. Colling moved to approve the Annual Compensation Agreement between the University of  Wyoming and Converse County for Extension staffing (4-H) in Converse County, $21672.00, ending June 30, 2020, Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.

    Mr. Lehner moved to approve the MOU between the USDA Forest Service, Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest and Thunder Basin National Grasslands to amend the prairie dog management plan and resource management plan on the Grasslands, ending December 31, 2021.  The following counties are included in the MOU, Campbell, Weston, Niobrara, Crook and Converse Counties along with the Weed & Pest Districts and Soil Conservation Districts of said Counties, Mr. Grant seconded, motion carried.

    Mr. Grant moved to approve the Cooperative Agreement for the Sub-award between Converse County Firewise and Converse County as the Local Grant Program Administrator, ending April 30, 2020, Mr. Colling seconded, motion carried.

    Mr. Grant moved to approve the Agreement between Pictometry International and Converse County for imagery of Converse County, $199,813.50 ($55,000 will be paid by other agencies), Mr. Lehner seconded, discussion:  this will be an additional flight in the summer of 2019, motion carried.

    Mr. Colling moved to approve the following Bore Permits: #1 disposal water pipeline, Manning Road (CR 53), Anadarko; #2, 12” natural gas pipeline, Manning Road (CR 53) Tallgrass Midstream; and, #3, 12” steel pipeline, Saddle Butte Powder Flats, Ross Road (CR 31) Mr. Grant seconded, motion carried.

    Mr. Grant moved to reappoint Mr. Nick Linford to a term ending June 2024 on MHCC Board of Directors, Mr. Chuck Engebretsen to a term ending June 2022 on the Parks & Rec Board; and Ms. DeAnna Bradshaw to a term ending June 2022 on the Glenrock Economic Development Corporation; and Mr. Jared Vollman to a term ending March 2022 on the County Planning & Zoning Commission, Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.

    Mr. Lehner moved to approve, by short title, Resolution 06-19, A RESOLUTION DESIGNATING A PUBLIC RECORDS PERSON, Mr. Colling seconded, motion carried.  

    Mr. Tom Overtstreet and Mr. Nick Ladd, Pro River Technology, discussed a proposal to do an IT audit for Converse County

    Mr. Lehner moved to approve the Agreement with Pro River Technology for IT auditing services as identified, $4500.00, pending review by the County Attorney, Mr. Colling seconded, motion carried with Mr. Grant recusing himself.

    Mr. Chris Hill stated his concerns with his new residential address off Prairie Lane that was created by a new subdivision.  His biggest concern, after talking to Joint Dispatch, was that his new address in not in the database for emergency dispatch.  The Commission will address his concerns.

    The regular meeting recessed at 12:15 p.m. and reconvened at 1:00 p.m.

    Mr. Grant moved to approve the Notice of Award to Ramshorn Construction, Inc. for the Virden Hill Erosion Control & Reclamation Project, $768,150.00, Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.

    Mr. Calvin Twiford discussed pavement cracking on 55 Ranch Road.  Mr. Jason Wilkinson was given permission to sign the agreement to bore the test holes for 55 Ranch Road to assess the problem.

    The regular meeting recessed at 4:50 p.m. and reconvened at 8:00 a.m. on June 5, 2019.

    The Commission interviewed Mrs. Carmen Theel for appointment to the CC Library Board.

    Mr. Preston Farnsworth and others, Devon Energy, provided an update on their activities within Converse County.

    The regular meeting recessed at 11:52 a.m. and reconvened at 1:00 p.m.

    Mr. Grant moved to go into executive sessions at 1:30 p.m., Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.

    The regular meeting reconvened at 2:30 p.m.

    Mr. Lowell Fleenor and others representing WYDOT, discussed the STIP Program.  Mr. Fleenor was interested in a new access point off WY 59 onto Highland Loop, to which the County agreed to pursue a joint venture.

    The Commissioners approved salary adjustments per WSS 18-3-602(d) for Sheriff’s Office employees effective June 1, 2019.

    Mr. Colling moved to appoint Mrs. Carmen Theel to a term ending June 2020 on the Library Board of Directors, Mr. Grant seconded, motion carried.

    The regular meeting adjourned at 5:04 p.m. on June 5, 2019. /s/ James H. Willox, Vice-Chairman ATTEST: Lucile K Taylor, Converse County Clerk

Publish:  June 12, 2019    3301

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