Docket No. 6911...

State of Wyoming, County of Converse

In the District Court, 8th Judicial District

In the Matter of the Determination of Heirship and Interests in Property of ROBERT JAMES SMITH, a/k/a R. JAMES SMITH, Deceased

Docket Number 6911


To all interested persons:

You are hereby notified that a Petition for Determination of Heirship has been filed alleging that Robert James Smith a/k/a R. James Smith (the “Decedent”) died on February 9, 2014, residing at 550 Ridge Road, in the City of Winnetka, County of Cook, State of Illinois, leaving certain coal, oil, gas and mineral rights, royalty interests, overriding royalty interests, leasehold interests, and/or working interests in the following lands situate in the County of Converse, State of Wyoming, described as follows:

Township 39 North, Range 73 West, 6th P.M.

Sections 1-36

Township 40 North, Range 73 West, 6th P.M.

Sections 1-36

Any objection to said Petition or any dispute concerning the facts stated therein shall be filed with the District Court in the Eighth Judicial District on or before July 2, 2019.

The hearing on the petition will be held at the following time and location:

Date:        July 8, 2019

Time:        8:00 a.m.

Address:        Converse County Courthouse

        107 North 5th Street, Suite 228

        Douglas, WY 82633-2448

At such time fixed for the hearing, or at such time thereafter as may be fixed by the Court, the Court shall hear the proofs offered by Petitioner and any person answering the same, and shall make a decree conformable to the proofs.

Attorney for Petitioner:

Jenna H. Keller, Esq. #7-5861


P.O. Box 771222

Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

(970) 871-4858

Publish: June 12, 19, 26 & July 3, 2019    3310

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