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Following is a listing of the Elected Officials, Administrative Officials, Department Heads, and Full- time positions of the City of Douglas as of July 1, 2019. All salaries are listed as gross monthly salaries or actual monthly wages, not including any fringe benefits or overtime that the employee may earn.

Kemper, Rene, Mayor, 500; Bartling, John, Councilman, 250; Hertz, Karl, Councilman, 250; Pexton, Kim, Councilwoman, 250; Gilbreath, Montgomery, Councilman, 125; Teichert, Jonathan, City Administrator, 10417; Chaffin, Clara, Community Development Director, 6767; Rimmer, Karen, City Clerk, 4954; Casalenda, Ronald, Chief of Police, 9346; Harbarger, John, Director-Public Works, 8155; Nicol, Mary, Administrative Services Director/Treasurer, 7127; Schwarz, Gary, IT Director, 6776; Wagers, Letabeth, Cashier/Receptionist, 3496; McCullough, Heidi, Accounting Clerk, 2807; Kahler, Heather, Accounting Clerk, 4158; McBride, John, Building Official, 5225; Mullinnix, Sherri, Planning Technician, 4863; Hilyard, Annette, Administrative Assistant PD, 4584; Holler, Chad, Lieutenant, 7844; Matthews, Todd, Lieutenant, 7844; Kelley, Bryan, School Resource Officer, 6146; Schmidt, Matthew, Sergeant, 6450; Slone, Zachary, Patrol Officer, 3635; Evans, Sherry, Patrol Officer, 3660; Dowd, Luca, Patrol Officer, 3762; McClennen, Bradley, Patrol Officer, 3894; Zwiebel, Benjamin, Patrol Officer, 4342; Toman, Rudolph, Patrol Officer, 4367; Leman, Sean, Patrol Officer, 4518; Ableman, Michael, Patrol Officer, 4624; Smith, Russell, Patrol Officer, 5127; Smartt, Jennifer, Community Service Officer, 3228; Martinez, Kirsti, Records/Municipal Court Clerk, 3268; Stearns, John, Supervisor-Utility Maintenance, 5326; Gorrell, James, Supervisor-Landfill, 5356; Frye, Brandon, Supervisor- Parks/Cemetery, 5655; Sullivan, Edward, Supervisor-Shop, 6146; Martinez, Steve, Supervisor- Streets/Alleys/Sanitation, 6453; Johnson, Kaye, Administrative Secretary PW, 4158; Vines, Bradly, Mechanic II, 3412; Nystul, Clint, Mechanic II, 4813; Munsinger, Robert, Mechanic II, 4813; Duff, Monte, Cemetery Sexton, 4584; Goossen, Amber, Maintenance Worker II-Parks, 3268; Underwood, Brogan, Maintenance Worker II-Parks, 3382; Bruegger, Lori, Maintenance Worker II-Parks, 3623; Obrien, Michael, Maintenance Worker II-Parks, 3750; Granaas, Davin, Maintenance Worker II-Parks, 4158; Taylor, Joseph, Maintenance Worker II-Streets, 3431; McCullough, Cody, Maintenance Worker II-Streets, 3431; Obrien, Joann, Maintenance Worker II-Streets, 3551; Summers, Johnathan, Maintenance Worker II-Streets, 3551; Hernandez, Jesus, Maintenance Worker II-Streets, 4366; Collins, Craig, Maintenance Worker II-Sanitation, 4366; Oliver, Eric, Maintenance Worker II-Sanitation, 4366; Martinez, Kyle, Landfill Operator, 3250; Deluna, Raoul, Landfill Operator, 3250; Duff, Tami, Meter Technician, 4158; Yates, William, Utility Maintenance Worker, 2948; Graham, Tammy, Utility Maintenance Worker, 3655; Shaw, Brian, Utility Maintenance Worker, 3655; Jordan, Brian, Utility Maintenance Worker, 4194; Cannon, Christopher, Utility Maintenance Worker, 4341; Hensley, Terry, Utility Maintenance Worker, 4813; Oberlander, Joshua, Water/Wastewater Supervisor, 6776; Balstad, Michel, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, 3838; Sullivan, Timothy, Water Treatment Plant Operator, 5054.

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