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    In accordance with W.S. 18-3-516, the following is a complete listing of all fulltime employees and elected officials of Converse County.  Salaries are gross yearly salaries and do not reflect any fringe benefits or overtime compensation.

    Alvarado, Adam, Detention LT $63,240.00; Alvarado, Daniel, Patrol Deputy $52,898.70; Ayers, Earl, Operator $46,438.44; Becher, Christopher, Detention Officer $43,000; Becker, Clinton, Sheriff $93,045; Blomberg, Kelli, Attorney $100,000; Boespflug, Alex, Detention Officer $43,000; Bowen, James, Operator $46,438.44; Bright, Robin, Detention SGT $59,247.17; Bunning, Buddy, Operator $39,520; Carr, Frances ,Clerk $39,552; Carr, Geri, Clerk $53,004; Carr, Patricia, Clerk $42,735.48; Cathcart, Carly, PS Telecommunicator $39,394.44; Chamberlain, Joel, Operator $37,491.96; Cobb, Patti, Secretary $42,024; Colling, Michael, Commissioner $34,350.36; Cooper, Vere, Comm Supervisor $52,976.64; Dalgarn, Russel, Emergency Mgr $68,025.48; Davies, Mike, Operator $43,593.36; Deines, Austin, Detention Officer $45,000; Dexter, Mark, Patrol Deputy $64,253.34; Drumwright, Sherry, Deputy Assessor $71,100; Dutra, Diane, Operator $37,491.96; Dwyer, Corey, Patrol Deputy $55,964.35; Dyess, Courtney, Receptionist $32,000;Eller, Michael, Operator $46,438.44; Gabert, Harley, Operator $38,480;Gabriel, Tricia, PS Telecommunicator $42,348; Gallagher, Jamie, Detention Officer $48,852.90; Gorsuch, Crystal, Admin/Laborer Asst $33,207.24; Grant, Richard C Jr, Commissioner $34,350.36; Gregersen, Stephen, Attorney $98,564.33; Gushurst, Don, Maintenance Director $54,879.68; Harris, Barbara, Deputy Dist Court Clerk $58,664.40; Hemphill, Kyle, Detention Officer $45,000; Herrera, Paul, Mechanic $54,558.40; Hillman, Dirk, Operator $38,241.80; Hinckley, Jim, Operator $55,226.28; Hinton, Christopher, Clerk $42,294.96; Hollon, Susan, Clerk $56,666.40; Hubbard, Kyra, Clerk $41,414.04; Hughes, Nathan, Undersheriff $83,430; Huxtable, Dixie, Assessor $93,045; Huxtable, John, Operator $41,875.77; Hypes, Tammy, Secretary $47,192.76; Isner, Peter, Patrol Deputy $56,512.89; Johnson, Racheal, Patrol Deputy $48,500; Johnston, Kimberly, AP/Payroll Clerk $57,406.14; Jones, Mandy, Field Deputy $36,600; Jones, Richard, Sergeant $65,551.01; Jones, Thomas, Patrol Deputy $48,500; Kelly, Thomas, Corporal $60,934.75; Kenkel, Jordan, Mechanic $46,800; Kinneberg, Ira, CPR Instructor $58,634.73; Kleemeyer, Cody, Detention Officer $48,801.36; Knight, Willis, Patrol Deputy $52,898.70; Kornegay, Deborah, Clerk $47,319.48; Kornegay, Shawn, Foreman $57,500; Koss, Eric, Investigator $73,890.55; Kunz, Vance, Patrol Deputy $48,632.27; Lane, Justin, IT Director $58,784.29; Larramendy, Nicholas, Emergency Response Coordinator $48,000; Lehner, Thornton, Commissioner $35,180; Lovitt, Craig, Operator $40,560; Macdonald, Douglas, Park Maintenance $38,287.57; Marlow, Gwendolyn, PS Telecommunicator $45,717.52; Martin, Tiffany, Clerk $42,210;Martinez, Marcos, Detention Officer $45,000; Mason, Heidi, Legal Secretary $51,064.20; McConnell, Mathew, Detention Officer $46,010; McCullough, Pamela, District Court Clerk $93,045; McMahon, Cory, Detention CPL $52,997.30; McNare, Keri, Patrol Deputy $61,931.02; McPherson, Brian, Operator $45,565.63; Meeks, Kurt, Operator $42,681.56; Meyer, Heather, Field Deputy $39,600; Miller, Casey, PS Telecommunicator $42,368.79; Miller, Crimson, Admin Asst $42,182.40; Morvee, Janeen, Election Clerk $56,380.51; Ohnstad, Samuel, Detention Officer $51,453.69; Ormseth, Matthew, Detention SGT $59,247.17; Parker, Sonya, PS Telecommunicator $39,406.44; Patterson, Lisa, Specialist $50,000; Peech, Benjamin, Investigations LT $71,020.68; Peech, Nycole, Admin Asst $42,634.21; Peterson, Amber, Detention Officer $51,953.20; Peterson, Justin, Detention Officer $50,811.80; Richardson, Holly, Special Proj Director $59,661.64; Richardson, Quentin, County Attorney $100,000; Roberts, Katherine, Clerk $42,432; Roberts, Leah, Secretary $36,204; Rollings, Jessica, Detention Officer $43,860; Russell, Joseph, Attorney $110,882.92; Sanders, Jared, Maintenance $40,800; Schell, Joel, County Treasurer $93,045; Schell, Mary, Secretary $42,634.21; Schmitt, Lisa, Detention Officer $46,010; Schubert, Arthur, Surveyor $69,314.39; Shaw, David, Operator $38,749.96; Sherman, Terri, Communications Mgr $81,424.01; Short, Robert, Commissioner $35,180; Shuler, Kristy, Clerk $43,160.04; Smartt, Andrew, Detention Officer $45,000; Snelling, William, Operator $38,480; Summers, Lucas, PS Telecommunicator $45,750.15; Summers, Tammy, PS Telecommunicator $43,492.80; Sweet, Doris, Legal Secretary $51,642.18; Szumada, Matthew, Detention Officer $45,430; Taylor, Lucile, County Clerk $93,045; Temple, Amanda, Detention CPL $53,752.03; Tiensvold, Sara, Patrol Deputy $69,628.21; Ullery, Jennifer, Health Nurse $57,722.40; Valentine, Terry, Operator $45,991.93; Voigt, Christopher, Detention Officer $47,379.96; Wales, Sharon, Clerk $40,957.32; Weeks, Shelby, PS Telecommunicator $40,288.83; Wells, William, Operator $44,642.33; Westby, Kelly, Specialist $50,459.88; Wilde, Shawn, Attorney $103,411.67; Wilkinson, Jason, Supt $66,000; Williams, Wesley, Operator $37,440; Willox, James, Commissioner $35,180; Witbrod, Brian, Field Deputy $38,484; Wright, Kimberley, Corporal $54,584; Wright, Trevor, Patrol Deputy $61,824.32; Wright, Weston, Detention Officer $49,331.85; Zieger, Jonathan, Technician $47,736.

    POLICY OF NONDISCRIMINATION:  Converse County does not discriminate against any individual because of race, religion, sex, color, age, handicap, or national origin, and these shall not be a factor in consideration for employment, selection of training, promotion, transfer, recruitment, rates of pay, or other forms of compensation, demotion or separation. /s/Lucile K. Taylor, County Clerk

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