Robert and Shaunda Parrish

Robert and Shaunda Parrish sit with their new baby girl, Cora, at Memorial Hospital of Converse County Jan. 8. Cora was the first baby in Douglas to be born at the hospital for the new year.

The little bundle was snuggled up against her mom, unaware of the attention that she has been receiving for the past two days. The little eight-pound bundle of joy was blissfully asleep and had no idea that she would carry the title of Douglas’ New Year’s baby of 2020 for the rest of her life.

Cora Juniper Parrish, with a head full of red hair, was welcomed into the world Jan. 6 at 8:30 a.m. and was the first baby to be born at Memorial Hospital of Converse County.

“It was planned delivery so it wasn’t a surprise,” mom Shaunda Parrish said.

Cora was named after Shaunda’s grandmother who had red hair when she was younger.

“We knew the names, just not the order,” Shaunda said. “We we saw the red hair we knew she would be Cora Juniper.”

Shaunda and her husband Robert also have a son, Cooper, 5, who was told of his baby sister’s arrival right before going to school that morning.

“He had big news when we got to school,” Shaunda said from her hospital room. “Now he says he can’t wait for us to get home.”

Cora has been showered with gifts as the first baby girl of the new year.

“The hospital has given us two baskets full of toys, blankets, knitted blankets, booties, hats, wash cloths along with headbands, plush toys and flowers,” Shaunda said.

Local couple Chuck and Judy Behunin have donated gift baskets for the first boy and girl of the new year.

Robert, who works for H & H Electric, and Shaunda, a stay-at-home mom and local artist, were overwhelmed with the gifts and attention.

“We just want to thank the hospital for all the gifts and flowers,” she said. “We’re excited to get her home.”

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