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(07/18/2019) Editor's note: The article has been corrected to reflect that Mettle Midstream is not associated with any producer. 

Mettle Midstream wants to build a large natural gas processing (compression) plant off of Jenne Trail Road near the Hardy Ranch, according to the company’s Chief Operating Officer Jay Langham.

The facility will be about 17.5 miles northwest of Bill.

Langham met with the Converse County commissioners Tuesday about the new Bear Creek Plant project, to offer some details about the Dallas, Texas, company’s plans.

He said about 200 million cubic feet of natural gas will be compressed and sent through a pipeline.

While Langham declined to disclose the cost of the plant at this time, he did confirm that his plant is the same size as the Meritage Steamboat Plant outside of Douglas.

“It’s the largest standard plant the manufacturers make. We’re excited about the potential,” Langham said.

It is expected the Bear Creek Plant will cost in the high tens of millions, possibly into the hundreds of millions of dollars, if compared to the cost and size of Meritage’s Steamboat plant outside of Douglas.

Ground breaking on the site will begin this fall during the initial civil engineering work, Langham said, with construction expected to commence in March 2020.

The company will cyclically employ anywhere from 100-120 personnel in the area during the construction phase, then ten employees at the plant and 5 on the pipeline.

Langham said they’re not associated with a producer of natural gas, but will have multiple customers. The company has engaged an engineer and will soon begin the process of selecting a contractor.

“We will look at people familiar with this area, the housing, winter work, etc.,” Langham said in reference to searching for the right contractors to build the Bear Creek Plant.

“We’re excited about this project, and I’m happy to be in Wyoming,” he said.

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