COVID-19 confirmed in converse county

COVID-19 has reached Converse County with two confirmed cases, however both individuals live and work in Natrona County so those cases are being counted there, according to Memorial Hospital of Converse County and the Converse County Public Health Department Wednesday morning.

“Both individuals lives and work in Natrona County and were assessed in MHCC’s drive-thru clinic,” according to a press release by the Converse County Emergency Management Agency.

Representatives from the city, towns, hospital and county are working in unison to ensure the health and safety of county residents.

“While both of these cases are not officially connected to Converse County, the county COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center wants the public to understand that COVID-19 is in our community,” according to the press release.

Officials remind the public that everyone needs to act as if they have the virus right now. There is a possibility that a person can be spreading it, or getting it, from someone else.

County officials applaud these individuals for self isolating and using the drive-thru clinic.

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