Amber Peterson

Civil, Court Security & Transport Deputy Amber Peterson is named CCST Deputy of the Year Jan. 31.

Converse County Sheriff Clint Becker stood solemnly in front of a crowd of about 150 people. As he read from the pages in his hands his eyes filled with tears at times, his voice becoming gruff and full of emotion as he recounted tales of heroics large and small from dedicated community citizens and law enforcement who serve the county.

The man is proud of his community. It was Jan. 31. It was also the first time the Converse County Sheriff’s Office had held their annual awards ceremony honoring the community’s hometown heros as a stand-alone event.

Families and friends gathered along with the award recipients for dinner and socializing. It was a night of honor for those who rarely receive any recognition, let alone public recognition.

Awards were presented to the following people for their outstanding services both in and out of the sheriff’s office:

•Amber Peterson – Civil, Court Security & Transport (CCST) Deputy of the Year and Exemplary Conduct Award

•Willie Knight – Patrol Deputy of the Year

• Marcos Daniel Martinez – Detention Deputy of the Year

•Jeffery Falkenburg – The Life Saving Medal

•Wesley Morris – Exemplary Citizen Award

•Justin Scott – Distinguished Service Cross and CCSO Purple Heart Award

•Andy Gray – Exemplary Conduct Award

•Cooper Gray – Exemplary Conduct Award

• Penny Martinez – Exemplary Conduct Award

•Cody Bish – Exemplary Conduct Award

•Pete Isner – Exemplary Conduct Award

•Sherry Evans – Exemplary Conduct Award

•Justin Binfet – Exemplary Conduct Award

•Brenda Hagen – Exemplary Conduct Award

•Tate Johnson – Exemplary Conduct Award

•Bill Fitzhugh – Exemplary Conduct Award

The following individuals/entities received CCSO Honorable Mentions: Converse County Bank, Alex Boespflug, Kelly Westby, Dr. Lonnie Teague, Douglas Baptist Church/Pastor Roy Phillips, Pastor Jeremy Paradowski, Jason Widdos and family, and Justin Peterson.

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