Terry Moss

Terry Moss (left) answers questions during the Converse County GOP annual meeting before being elected as party chairman, while Chad Rupe listens.

The Converse County Republican Party will have new leadership this year.

The party elected new officers last week. Terry Moss will take over as chairman after Colt Rodeman did not seek re-election. Robert Short will serve as the new state committeeman. Camilla Hicks will continue as treasurer and add the state committeewoman title. Jonathan Foreman will be the new vice chairman, and Michelle Maines will be the party’s new secretary.

Mike Colling said he believed Moss would make an excellent new chairman.

“He’s been active in the Republican Party since high school,” Colling said. “He’s a very conservative guy. Conscientious, smart, I think you’ll do a great job as chairman.”

Moss won the chairman’s seat with 18 votes to Jonathan Foreman’s 10 votes.

A Pinedale native, Moss has become a prominent member of the Douglas community during the past six years. He works as a practice administrator at Converse County Memorial Hospital, and has been active in a number of local groups, including Douglas Rotary Club, and has worked on Republican candidate elections for decades. During his speech, he noted that he was an early supporter of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I’m excited to help the party continue to move forward in a good, positive manner, and work with the folks in our county to continue to make Converse County one of the best Republican parties in the state,” Moss told the Budget.

Moss said that as chairman he would like to improve the party’s focus on listening and engagement, maintain a strong emphasis on finances, improve efficiency in meetings, provide financial support for local Republican candidates and fill vacant precinct seats. The county currently has seven vacant precincts out of 46 total spots.

Robert Short, a Glenrock native and Douglas resident who currently serves as Converse County Commission Chairman, won the election for state committeeman. Short has business interests in Douglas, Glenrock and Rolling Hills.

Joel Schell spoke about Short’s qualifications for the position.

“One of the ideals of the Republican Party is that the most effective government is the government closest to the people,” Schell said. “Every day he (Short) spends time making those decisions that affect us, probably more than any of the other political decisions we have in the party.”

Schell also pointed out that as a businessman, Short is especially attuned to local economics, and the ramifications of changes on local businesses.

“When you look at the idea of fiscal responsibility, he understands what it is to have employees in the community, whether it’s it in a good time or a bad time,” Schell said.

Short said that he will, above all, make an effort to hear all voices that have something to say to the Converse County Republican Party.

“I think it’s incredibly important to listen, to engage, to hear what people want to know,” Short said. “I truly believe that it’s incredibly important that we give voice to all peoples. I don’t care what your creed, color, background, race religion or otherwise is.”

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