The jaws of 282 students simultaneously hit the floor in shock and awe as their trusty Principal Tanya Seeds was turned into a “human s’more” before their very eyes.

It was something special. A moment that will likely never be seen again during their short tenures at Douglas Primary School. They worked hard for this reward, and it was clearly evident they had to overcome a nearly impossible goal to witness such an event.

A week earlier, students were tasked with reading 20,000 books in a single week during the annual Read Across America week. The goal was steep, but the students knew the reward would be worth it.

Each and every student took part, as Seeds noted Monday of this week that every student turned in a reading log, subsequently earning a free book in return.

“It’s just so exciting and fun to see them take part,” Seeds said.

The week-long event featured guest readers at the school consisting of police officers, hospital employees, bank tellers, high school students and parents.

“It’s a great week,” she said. “They just read and read all week long.”

The reading didn’t stop at the conclusion of the school day, however.

“It takes a lot of time at home and takes all of them reading to reach our goal,” Seeds said.

Within the school-wide goal to break 20,000 books, classrooms also competed against one another with additional rewards for those who read the most. Those classrooms had the privilege to slam a “s’more pie” in the face of teaching staff. The top readers got to pick the teachers who would end up on the receiving end of the delicious stunt.

Seeds said the students set the bar high this year with 21,778 total books read and she is appreciative for the Parent Activities Committee (PAC) for tracking student progress throughout the week.

“That’s the most books we’ve ever read in my history as principal,” she said.

As for becoming a life size s’more, Seeds said it was all worth it in the end.

“It was a little sticky,” she said. “Anything we can do to get kids excited to read I’m willing to do. Hopefully (a love for reading) will carry on through adulthood.”

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