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For immediate release 2/1/2020

Press Contact info: Daren Bulow, ​​, Facebook: Comedy Action #SKWAD Now, (307) 247-2578

● February 15th @ 8PM Headstrong Brewery hosts: The Hunting and Fishing Comedian, The Mexican Viking, Poor Don, and Douglas’s own comedian, Dakota Honaker.

● Tickets are available now for $10 each and can be purchased online, at Headstrong Brewery, or by contacting Morgan Honaker at (307) 298-7308.

● Tickets are limited, so get them QUICKLY!!

February 15t​h​ 8PM - Comedy Show Headstrong Brewery 126 N. 3r​d​ St. Douglas, Wyoming Doors open at 7:00PM; Comedy starts at 8:00PM

About the comedians​:

Don Haines​ is a comedian whose fight with cancer actually saved his life. Cynical and a proclaimed self-hating Canadian Lover. His humor appeals to many different walks of life. He has been doing comedy for TWO years as Poor Don and has performed in two states.

Daren Bulow​ is a comedian whose comedy reflects the way of life of hunters, fisherman, dog owners and the spouses who put up with them. His real-life stories appeal to all audiences. Daren has been doing comedy for nine years and has performed in four states, and has become known as The Hunting and Fishing Comedian.

Matthew Frias ​is a real student of comedy, better known as The Mexican Viking because of his heritage, yet he can’t speak Spanish or Norwegian.

Dakota Honaker ​is a comedian from right here in Douglas Wyoming! He brings to the stage his unconventional take on small town life, fatherhood and marriage.

Comedy Action #SKWAD Now​ ​is a group of comedians who had been individually battling it out in the comedy trenches for years not knowing that there were other comedians in Wyoming who were working comics. In 2019, they met at various open mics and, recognizing a need in the community for more comedic entertainment and stage time for comics, formed Comedy Action #SKWAD Now. They have been performing sold out shows and making people laugh ever since. Comedy Action #SKWAD Now members have a combined 15 years performing comedy under their belt. Their 2.5-3 hour shows have the audience not just laughing, but also have couples and friends elbowing and ribbing each other over the jokes that relate to them. Comedy Action #SKWAD Now shows are 21+. Douglas, Wyoming is the opening show for the Comedy Action #SKWAD Now’s WY NOT Comedy Tour of the state of Wyoming.

Comedians Coming to Headstrong Brewery Douglas, Wyoming

Nine years ago Daren Bulow told his wife he had this crazy idea of becoming a full time Comedian. In those 9 years he did a lot of shows, worked in 4 states, but was struggling to make enough money to do it full time. In 2018, he met 2 other comedians, Don Haines at an open mic and Matt Frias was discovered on Facebook. Don Haines had dreamed of doing comedy but didn’t start performing until he almost died from cancer. Don is now cancer free and has been performing for 2 years. When asked why he decided to go into comedy he said, “Cancer made me finally put a microphone in my hand. Wyoming is saturated by "guy with a guitar" and wants to laugh, which plays a huge role in our success. I'm just trying to make the world a better place to die in.” Matt Frias had wanted to be a comedian, but didn’t know where to start. “I have always liked making people laugh and having quick wit with my friends. I decided that once I was done with my associate's degree, I was going to make a comedy scene here in town (Casper),” Matt said. “I found that many wanted to participate, but none wanted to help with the organizing of events and pushing it forward. It was very serendipitous when I stumbled upon Don and Daren. Sometime last summer my friends and I were at Gruner Brothers and we stumbled upon a flyer there advertising a show of theirs. One of my friends suggested I hit them up to try and work with them and get help starting a comedy scene like I wanted.” When asked about his goals in comedy, he said, “My ultimate goal is to be able to make a living off of comedy and tour the country with it, and to eventually get a comedy club started in Casper to help spur a night life for the city.” His first show was just 1 year ago, but he is now a seasoned comic.

In 2018, when the 3 of them got together, they hatched a 2 prong plan. They created a group called Casper Comedians Care and would do free shows for non-profits and let the non-profits keep all of the proceeds from the shows. “It was really hard to get people to believe in what we wanted to do, it took 250 calls, several emails and many personal visits to get someone to say yes,” Daren Bulow said. That gamble has paid off! They have been doing sold out shows for non-profits ever since and have raised 10’s of thousands of dollars for them. “Those shows for non-profits allowed us to perfect our craft so we could go on the road and make money,” said Don Haines.

The second part of the plan was to include the same members, but create a group called Comedy Action #SKWAD Now that would be the money making prong for the comics. Comedy Action #SKWAD Now has started touring Wyoming. The tour started New Year’s Eve with a sold out show in Casper!

Their second stop on the tour is Headstrong Brewery in Douglas, Saturday February 15t​h​ at 8p.m.-11. The tour will take them all over the state. Since the beginning they have developed a great reputation. “We have come a long way since the beginning. We no longer have to make endless phone calls, now we receive about 1 offer every couple weeks for paid comedy shows,” Daren Bulow said. Local Douglas comedian, Dakota Honaker has been doing comedy for 2 years, and will also be performing at the show at Headstrong Brewery. The group met Dakota at an open mic in Casper that they emcee. They were impressed with his comedy! Dakota has opened for comedians Marc Yaffe and Myk Powell at The Waterhole, and Jeff Richards and Kaz Gable at The Hangar in Casper. He has also performed an hour long solo show at Jake’s Tavern in Gillette, WY for the 17th Annual Black Fly Ride in Bike Show. “When we decided to go on tour, it was a no brainer that we would invite Dakota,” said Matt Frias. When Dakota was asked to join the three comedians on tour he responded with a resounding yes. “I had been dreaming of touring Wyoming for comedy long before I met Daren, Don, and Matt. It was very exciting to be asked to join them on their tour. I suggested that we call the tour what I had been wanting to call the one I was planning to do alone: The WY NOT Comedy Tour. All three loved the idea, and the name stuck. The WY NOT Comedy Tour is officially underway,” Dakota said.

Comedy Action #SKWAD Now shows are just over 2 hours of comedy but is 2.5 hours with breaks. The comedians all have different styles of comedy. Daren Bulow’s comedy is about hunters, fishermen and their spouses who put up with them. Don Haines comedy is about how cancer saved his life and he is ​cynical and a proclaimed self-hating Canadian lover. Matt Frias Comedy is about being a Mexican Viking, even though he doesn’t speak Spanish or Norwegian. Dakota Honaker has an unconventional, often dark humor, take on small town life, fatherhood, and marriage.

If you are interested in attending the comedy show at Headstrong Brewery February 15t​h​ 8pm, it might be best to get your tickets before Saturday’s show, because previous shows have sold out and you may not be able to buy them at the door. You can get tickets for $10 at Headstrong Brewery in Douglas, or by calling (307) 359-8477, Morgan Honaker at (307) 298-7308, or on Facebook @ huntingfishingcomedian.

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