I am appalled and dismayed by the

recent deaths of three St. Bernards

caught in snare traps, set LEGALLY

by trappers. They were obviously using

poor judgement by setting their traps

on federal or state land within a mile

of residential areas. A week later, a dog

owner walking his dog ON A LEASH

nearly escaped death by a snare trap only

because he acted quickly and pulled on

him at the last minute. He was almost


Is it me or is anyone else out there

outraged by these senseless deaths? I

have spoken several times to Game &

Fish who, although sympathetic, are unable

to address the public’s concerns. I

was told to carry a pair of wire cutters

when walking my dog. What a ridiculous

solution! These traps can be set

pretty much anywhere on BLM or state

owned land. Signage is not required

to be posted. It’s basically dog owners

beware! The issue is even more complicated

by the fact that there are two

different agencies regulating trapping

in our state.

Predatory animal trapping is regulated

by the Department of Ag. Fur bearing

animals are regulated by Game & Fish. I

challenge readers and dog lovers to unite

and give them a piece of our collective

minds. I have! I have also contacted the

governor’s office.

I have been a teacher for some 30

years now and in my experience people

will not initiate change unless we make

it uncomfortable enough that they have

to take action. Any elected official

should take note that there are more of

your constituents that are pet owners

than there are tappers. We dog lovers

have rights, too. Traps should not be allowed

near any residential areas or trails

frequented by the public. Signs should

be posted warning the public that traps

are in the vicinity.

Mad as hell!

Elaine Mandigo,


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