If you haven’t had a chance to visit the new bowling alley, you are in for a real treat. It is well done and a true addition to Douglas.

Unfortunately, there are some people that have no regard for such a special place. The weather has been “wintry” and means snow, mud, dirt, etc. and people walk into the bowling alley without wiping their feet, or if they are bowling, do not remove their shoes nor do they care if they tramp all over that area.

If you have to smoke and go outside, please don’t track in with dirty shoes. One rule I have learned with bowling in different places is that you DO NOT wear street shoes in the bowling areas and if people come to watch, they should not be in that area anyway. That is the “bowling area.” There are so many places to eat or have something to drink where you can sit and watch the bowlers.

After the holidays were over, I noticed that there was mud and dirt all over and worst of all, on the approaches! Where is the courtesy? Have we completely lost our “caring for others’ property?” Do you allow this in your home?

We should be thankful we have such a nice place to go. Show the owners that you do care and appreciate what they have done and the way to do this is to respect your surroundings. Be courteous and thankful to have a great family place to go.

Dolly Meehan,


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