By now, anyone and everyone in Converse County should have everything

they need to know about the proposed recreation centers in Douglas

and Glenrock, about the sales tax to be used to pay for them, and who can

vote May 5. After all, the information has been spread around on these

newspaper pages for going on a year-plus, along with pages and pages

of simplifi ed data during the last three weeks.

The Joint Recreation Commission also mailed out information brochures

to every mailing address in the county in the last week.

There were also handfuls of public discussions and meetings in Douglas

and in Glenrock as the process unfolded, so the public had plenty of opportunities

to ask questions, get relevant information and express concerns.

Our point here is not to argue for or against the ballot issue or the rec

centers themselves, but to wonder how anyone cannot know pretty much

everything they want to about the rec centers. If, by now, you still don’t

know something, it means you simply are not paying attention. That is

not the rec commission’s fault, it’s not the media’s fault, it’s not the fault

of all those posts on Facebook.

It’s your fault.

And, you only have less than two weeks to rectify that before the election.

We suggest you do so, pronto.

In the end, this election comes down to do we, as a community, want

new recreational opportunities or not? We can argue over location, cost,

amenities, user fees, etc., – for the record, even some supporters of the

proposal have concerns about some aspect of the plan or worry about the

future – but without being educated on the facts, we cannot have logical,

intelligent discussions about our concerns. We can only express our emotions

and fears.

We give credit to both sides in the debate for offering educated views,

even if they come to opposing conclusions. That is what debate in a democracy

is supposed to be about.

We worry, though, about the numbers of people still expressing complete

ignorance on the subject. That level of ignorance may be the biggest loser

of this election, regardless of what happens May 5.


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