Well it looks like it’s that time again, not Christmas, or New Years, but the presidential elections.

For me, it actually feels like the country just got done with the last round, but a lot has changed since 2008.

In 2012, it looks like Sarah Palin isn’t even on the radar and hardly anything is being said about Barrack Obama or even the Democrats.

While the Republicans don’t have a defined frontrunner (unless you count Newt and/or Romney, neither of whom have a majority of Republican’s support), I think it’s important to point out that around 23 people are currently running for president in 2012.

Over the next year I’m sure a few will dropout, while others might join the race. But I thought it might be interesting to look at a few of the lesser known candidates.

Running under the Democratic Socialist ticket is Stewart Alexander. He lives in California and has run for mayor of Los Angeles as well as many other offices,. Of course, he has has lost them all. His positions? Alexander supports single payer health care and guaranteed income, as well as many other social services.  He is also the chairperson of the Socialist Party of California, but I doubt he will gain much of an audience in Wyoming.

 There’s a few people running under the Libertarian banner, but one, Roger Gary, is an interesting guy. Gary lives in San Antonio, Texas, and has ran for the office of Texas governor. He says he opposes the Patriot Act, and thinks abortion and gay marriage should be up to the individual. To me, he looks like a true Libertarian, but he’s got a lot of competition this go-around. 

One person who is gunning for the Republican nomination is Jimmy McMillan. He has memorable mustache and in photos I’ve seen of him, he wears gloves for some reason. He’s 64 years old and has a rap song titled “Rent is Too Dame High Party.” I’m not really sure where he stands on many issues, but he appears to oppose government bailouts.

 The last candidate I’m going to mention is Danny Woodring. He’s an independent and believes politics and politicians have become too corrupt. His campaign slogan is “2012 The Year of House Cleaning.” Although his campaign looks fairly standard (flat tax rates, reinvestments in infrastructure and a balanced budget amendment)  what stands out is that he says he is appalled with the president and Congress.

I think if there’s anything to take away from the lesser people of the 2012 race, it’s that there are other choices out there besides who’s on TV all the time. Some of them probably don’t stand a chance, but I know from presidential voting experience that the ballot is always full of people I’ve never hear of.

 But this time around I’m going to try and stay up-to-date on at least the more obscure candidates, though it make take me some time cause there are quite a few out there and only a handful of them are getting much media attention.

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