For just a second, they may as well have been flying. With a roaring crowd packed into the Ford Grandstands Arena, Octane Addictions came to Douglas and put on a show that dazzled the attendees. Octane Addictions puts on motorsports displays across the western United States and around the globe.

The show on Aug. 14 was the first time Octane Addictions has come to Douglas and the Wyoming State Fair. Tyler Johnson, the owner of Octane, was impressed with the investment by the crowd and with the state fair as a whole. He is hoping to come back again next year.

Johnson heard that the attendance was between 2,500-3,000 for the show. He brought in five performers, including three with X-Games medals sitting at home. The team of five was bronze medalist Willie Elam, bronze medalist Robert Haslam, Anthony Murray, Gabriel Villegas and Travis Cady. According to Johnson, the quintet is one of the more talented groups that they’ve put together for a single show.

“We actually went a little bit above and beyond for Dan [Cheney] and the Wyoming State Fair,” Johnson said.

They used up the dwindling sunlight over the grandstands to launch themselves parallel to the highest seats in the grandstands before comfortably finishing up their tricks and riding off safely.

Underneath the landing zone was an advanced airbag that Octane Addictions, among others, have been working on for several years. Their performance at the state fair was show 27 out of their 29 summer shows, with their next one on Aug. 24 in Casper.

After that, they will move into their snowmobiling and other winter shows. It was the first time that they’ve made their way to Douglas, but hopefully for Johnson and the young fans who went home starstruck, it won’t be the last.

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