Money shot

Converse County Commissioners distributed $216,000 to various organizations throughout the county via the Community Charitable Relief Program (CCRP) during a special meeting Monday evening.

This CCRP complies with the Coronavirus, Aid, relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, and allows each county to award funds to charitable organizations that have provided COVID-19 relief to the public and/or have suffered a reduction in donations, grants or other income directly because of the pandemic.

Commissioners granted most of these funds to the Human Resource Council of Converse County/Community Service Block Grant, which got $85,000, the King’s Portion Food Pantry, which got $60,000 and Solutions for Life, which received $50,000.

Several other organizations were awarded less funds, including Children’s Advocacy Project Inc., Converse Hope Center, Glenrock Food Pantry, Helping Hands Ministries and Noel’s Christmas.

Commissioner Jim Willox said the commissioners prioritized funding organizations that would immediately impact the community, such as food banks.

Several other organizations requested funds from the county, but it was questionable whether or not their narratives fit the program’s criteria. Some groups will be granted funds later, before the March 1 deadline.

The county still has $77,000 to distribute. In commissioners’ next round of allocation, this amount may be added to organizations already receiving funds, and/or it could be used to fill requests the commissioners are still mulling over.

More coverage will be available in the Budget’s next issue.

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