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City Council Meeting Minutes, March 8, 2021. The regular meeting of the Douglas City Council was held on Monday, February 22, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the City Hall at 101 N. 4th Street, Douglas, Wyoming, and virtually as well. CALL TO ORDER/PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE/ROLL CALL: Mayor Kemper called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call was taken with the following City Council members present: Mayor René Kemper; Councilperson John Barling; Councilperson Kim Pexton; Councilperson Ron McNare; Councilperson Monty Gilbreath. Also Present: Jonathan Teichert, City Administrator; Chaz Schumacher, City Clerk; Todd Byerly, PD Chief; John Harbarger, Director of Public Works; Mary Nicol, Treasurer/Administrative Services Director; Gary Schwarz, IT Director; Mike Armstrong, City Attorney; Chase Vialpando, Douglas Budget; Perry Hershberger, Citizen; Vinni Hershberger, Citizen. Disclosures by City Councilmembers: There were none. Consent Agenda: Item 2a. Corrections, Additions, and Approval of Agenda – March 8, 2021; Item 2b. Minutes, City Council Work Session – February 18, 2021; Item 2c. Minutes, Regular City Council Meeting – February 22, 2021; Item 2d. Minutes, City Council Work Session – March 4, 2021; Item 2e. Warrant Register – February 2021. Councilperson Bartling moved, seconded by Councilperson Pexton to remove Items 4a., 4b., and 4c., from the agenda. Bartling stated these items are for rate increases that have been discussed and there needs to be more work and the numbers studied more so that we are not charging more than we absolutely have to charge. Motion carried 5-0. Councilperson Barling moved, seconded by Councilperson McNare to approve the Consent Agenda as amended and presented, no discussion. Motion carried 5-0. Public Comments: Perry Hershberger – 516 S. 7th Street, Douglas, WY: Mr. Hershberger explained research he had done regarding utility rates in other municipalities within Wyoming. He stated Douglas has the highest bill. Hershberger inquired about the 2017 rate study, stating he hasn’t seen it. Hershberger stated the State is currently looking at increased taxes due to the loss of revenue in the State, these rate increases would only burden residents more. He reviewed the proposed utility rate increases for Douglas stating it totals almost a 315% increase, with an additional 25% increase for non-city residents. Hershberger stated he would like to see what the proposed increases are. Councilperson McNare stated all of the numbers are provided in tonight’s agenda packet, he corrected Hershberger’s estimated percentage increase stating the total increase would be closer to 13.9%, the items were tabled tonight so that Council can further review the numbers before making a decision. Mayor Kemper asked that the rate study be shared to the City’s website. Hershberger stated the cemetery rates should be the same or similar for those in the city and those living close to the city. He thanked Councilperson Bartling for his comments regarding the swimming pool rates, and thanked Mayor Kemper for her comments regarding the Boys & Girls Club, both made at the previous work session. Administrator Teichert asked Mr. Hershberger for a copy of the information he had gathered regarding other municipality rates within the State. Hershberger stated he would share the information. Vinni Hershberger – County Resident: Mr. Hershberger stated he is a resident of the County but that he has water and sewer services through the City. He feels it’s not right that his rates are increasing without having an ability to vote in those that make those decisions, taxation without representation is not okay. Mayor Kemper informed Mr. Hershberger that State Statute outlines how that process works but that she understands his frustration. Hershberger inquired into the City processing their own recycling and stated we have to take environmental concerns into account, we should want to be responsible and a responsible community. Hershberger asked about doing incremental increases over the next few years rather than one big increase. Council Action Items: Item 4a. Ordinance No. 1007, an Ordinance Amending Sections 12.24.060 and 12.24.080 of the Municipal Code of the City of Douglas, Wyoming Regarding Costs Associated with the Douglas Park Cemetery. Item Removed from Agenda. Item 4b. Resolution No. 2076, a Resolution Amending Previously Established Hours of Operation and Admission Policies for the Douglas Municipal Swimming Pool

Item Removed from Agenda. Item 4c. Resolution No. 2077, a Resolution Increasing the User Charges for the Municipal Water, Sewer, Sanitation Collection and Solid Waste Disposal Systems of the City of Douglas, Wyoming, Effective April 1, 2021. Item Removed from Agenda. Item 4d. Police Department – Policy Update. Councilperson Pexton moved, seconded by Councilperson Gilbreath to approve the Policy Update for the Douglas Police Department as presented, no discussion. Motion carried 5-0. Item 4e. Bid Recommendation: Bighorn and Shoshone Drive Miscellaneous Improvements Project. Councilperson McNare moved, seconded by Councilperson Bartling to approve the bid recommendation for the Bighorn and Shoshone Drive Miscellaneous Improvements Project and award it to Wayne Coleman Construction, Inc., as presented in the amount of $407,307.00, and further authorize the City Administrator to sign all associated documents, no discussion. Motion carried 5-0. Item 4f. Agreement Between City of Douglas and Mike Armstrong – Attorney Contract. Councilperson Pexton moved, seconded by Councilperson Gilbreath to approve the agreement between the City of Douglas and Mike Armstrong as presented for Attorney Services. Council welcomed Mike as the City Attorney. Motion carried 5-0. Council Information: Non-Action Items: Item 5a. Department Reports: Department of Public Works, Administrative Services/Treasurer Department, Clerk Department, Planning & Community Development Department, Police Department. Executive Session: None. Adjourn: Councilperson Bartling moved, seconded by Councilperson McNare to adjourn the Regular City Council meeting. Motion carried 5-0. Meeting adjourned at approximately 5:49 p.m.


/s/Chaz Schumacher    /s/René Kemper, Mayor

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