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Unapproved Minutes, Board of Commissioners of Converse County, Sept. 1, 2020

The regular meeting was called to order at 8:10 a.m. on Sept. 1, 2020.  Present were Chairman Robert Short; Vice-Chair Jim Willox; Commissioners Mike Colling, Tony Lehner, and Rick Grant; and County Clerk, Karen Rimmer. The minutes of the regular meeting on Aug. 18, 2020 were approved and ordered filed. Mr. Colling moved to approve warrants in the amount of 3,927,842.66: 100 307 Healing Waters; 45 307 Signs and More; 17820 A Diamond Trucking; 40.04 A T & T Mobility; 495 Aaron’s Water Service; 163.92 Ace Calibrations; 20 Advanced Animal Clinic; 1434.46 Advanced Communications Technology; 16487.80 Advanced Geotechnical Solutions; 21127.30 AFD Pavement Marking; 498.75 Agility Recovery Solutions; 110 Alcohol & Drug Testing Services; 190 Allen, Linda L; 234.85 Allen, Misti; 1000 Alley, Linda S; 67.58 Alpha Card Systems; 1496.58 ALSCO; 2029 American Security Cabinets Inc; 190 Anderson, Kathryn; 202.08 Anderson, Shannon; 25 Armstrong, Lucinda Lenore; 190 Arnold, Terri L; 3186.73 Atlas Office Products; 835.76 Atlas Premier Service; 1195.83 B&B Leasing Co; 16940 B A Trucking; 9142.70 B&M Sand & Gravel; 190 Baldrey, Donna J; 390 Barnes Law; 190 Barnum, Leni; 13700 Bellwood Tree Service; 190 Bishop, Victoria W; 2073.01 Bison Pump & Supply; 2482.72 Black Hills Energy; 38225 Blackburn Cattle Co; 205.53 Blackburn, Sheri; 218.76 Blakeley, Shari; 732.57 Bloedorn Lumber-Douglas; 355249.94 Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY; 604.90 Bob Ruwart Motors; 200 The Body Shop; 300 Borup, Sebastian; 504166.67 Boys & Girls Club of Douglas; 8333.34 Boys & Girls Clubs of Central WY; 1885 Bright, Joe; 90 Brothers Propane; 190 Brown, Deborah; 201.50 Bryan, Elizabeth C; 258.53 Bulkley, Dixie; 2220 ByteSpeed; 1045 C Spur Ranch; 133.75 Cash-Wa Distributing Co of Kearney; 1196122 Caspar Building Systems; 7069.38 CDW Government; 9900.42 CenturyLink; 972.08 Certified Laboratories; 190 Chance, Patricia Ann; 1245 Chapman Valdez & Lansing; 25 Cielinski, Melanie; 3786.21 City of Douglas; 150 City Shoe & Saddle Shop; 184.75 CMI-TECO; 46 Coca Cola Bottling Co High Country; 1240.45 Communication Technologies; 5000 Converse County Firewise; 55 Converse County Health Dept; 190 Curley, Cynthia; 109.50 Cytocheck Laboratory; 24600 Darktrace Ltd; 984.19 Dearborn Life Insurance Co; 1800 Dilts, Jerry J, Trustee; 95 Don’s Business Machines; 10699.25 Douglas Budget; 350 Douglas Day Spa; 58.05 Douglas Grocery; 559.19 Douglas Hardware Hank; 10.50 Douglas Sign Co; 160 Douglas Tire Center; 1147.50 Drone King UAS; 2895 DRU Consulting; 190 Dugan, Dana; 68704.13 Dustbusters; 379.62 Ecolab; 41.29 Election Systems & Software; 25 Elliott, Wendy; 305 Emergency Services Marketing Corp; 1050 Emery Septic; 241.71 Engebretsen, Mary A; 195 Etchemendy, George P; 254.50 Etchemendy, Jean C; 90 The Eye Institute of Wyoming; 2138.39 Fastenal Company; 185.52 Federal Supply USA; 219.33 Fenster, Nancy K; 3562 First Call Communications; 300 Florquist, Jace; 687.98 Floyd’s Truck Center WY; 190 Flynn, Donna R; 1110.37    Freestone Midstream; 190 Frye, Amy; 190 Frye, Arly; 6737.50 G Bar S Oilfield Services; 2280 Geotec Industrial Supply; 3420 Gillette Steel Center; 3466.85 Glaxosmithkline Financial; 190 Glenn, Connie K; 190 Goodwin, Vickie L; 207.25 Goold, Laney E; 2750 Gorman Funeral Homes; 190 Grabow, Ellen E; 3302.74 Grainger; 28.75 Grant, Richard C; 284.40 Grant, Richard C JR; 190 Gray, Diane C; 956.25 Greenwood Mapping; 8119.05 GSG Architecture; 1150 Gudahl Williams; 3077.62 H & H Electric; 14740 H&J Trucking; 190 Haefele, Zora L; 190 Hageman, Linda G; 25 Halvorsen, Ruthie A; 520 Hansuld, Tia; 190 Harris, Kathi A; 218.75 Harris, Vicki; 246.93 Haskins, Richard P; 190 Hendryx, Dawnella S; 190 Hilbird, Leslie; 165 Hilltop National Bank; 190 Hilyard, Annette Elaine; 742 Holiday Inn Express; 190 Hollenback, Michael J; 22173.95 Homax Oil Sales; 254.50 Horr, Amanda S; 336 HUB Intnl Mtn States Ltd; 70.73 Hughes Network Systems; 955 Hutchinson, Hal H PE; 169.55 Inland Truck Parts Co; 300 Inner Strength Therapeutic Massage; 121.95 Interstate Batteries; 1781.50 Intoximeters; 190 Jacobson, Cheryl A; 1652.88 Jerry s Welding-Steel Fab; 20130 JM Trucking; 19509 Johnson Controls; 190 Johnson, Carolyn E; 190 Johnson, Kaye L; 190 Johnson, Shawn; 50 Joyful Living Massage & Wellness; 18700 KCK; 25 Kilmer, Fredrick D; 534.37 Kimball Midwest; 190 Klava, April Dawn; 839050.97 Knife River; 1120.02 Kone; 40 Kones, John; 190 Kuhn, Christina D; 206.10 Langer, Misty; 417 Laramie Range Water Treatment & Plumbing; 25 Layher, Carolyn Kay; 22811.61 Lost Creek Holdings; 48 Lovitt, Sharon; 241.75 Maidl, Daniel Lynn; 675 Marlin Business Bank; 290.97 The Master’s Touch; 395.42 McKesson Medical-Surgica; 11165 McKillip Trucking; 24 Meade County Sheriff’s Office; 2308.43 Medicine Bow Technologies; 15641.75 Memorial Hospital of Converse County; 6701.47 Merck Sharp & Dohme; 190 Meyer, Wendy; 100 Michele’s Massage Therapy; 434 Mitchell, Kendra; 190 Mittleider, Stacey M; 45 Mommas Lunchbox; 190.00 Moore, Joanne C; 189.52 Motion and Flow Control Products; 319.89 Motor Power Casper; 5272.55 Mountain States Lithographing; 18.75 Mullinnix, Sherri A; 3802.25 Mutchler, Tricia L RPR, CRR; 1197.68 NAPA; 5.81 NAPA - Glenrock; 535.50 Nat’l High School Rodeo Assoc; 33.05 Nelson, V Eilene; 1869.08 Newman Traffic Signs; 555 NMS Labs; 947.90 Norco; 607.62 North Bill Disposal; 4645.43 Northwest Community Action Programs ; 133.61 O Reilly Automotive; 185.65 OffenderWatch; 35 Office Ally; 2452.59 Office Depot; 4233.83 OK Wrecking; 190 Oliverius, Mary A; 23595 Olsen DeWayne; 6700 Onsolve; 6500 OpenGov; 190 Pauli, Susan; 1208.67 Peak Fitness; 221.05 Penfield, Karla; 25 Pierce, Katie; 28.75 Pimentel, Esther; 190 Pirnie, Tracy Jo; 2328.58 Plainsman Printing & Supply; 2695 Porter Cattle Company Trucking;15000 Porter, Muirhead, Cornia & Howard; 190 Potter, Amy L; 39608 Price Pumping Service; 18590 Price Trucking; 6915 Pro River Technology; 250 Pure Raine Salon; 745.71 Quadient Finance USA; 855.31 Quadient Leasing USA; 3020.80 Quality Tire Co; 324.50 Quill Corp; 489.25 R&R Rest Stops of Casper; 186.24 R&S Northeast; 18.75 Raba, Ilene Morford; 224.50 Redig, Rita; 190 Reed, Billie A; 190 Reed, Connie Jeanne; 211.34 Renegade Off-Road & Driveline Repair; 210.70 Rice, Tera R; 206.10 Ricker, Stacey; 3465 Riordan Trucking; 190 Roberts, Amanda Kaye; 221.62 Roberts, Matthew Aaron; 71970.92 Rockin B Ranches; 782.47 Rockmount Research & Alloys; 16051.40 Rocky Mountain Power; 320.75 Rocky Mountain Wash; 597.70 Ron s Supply; 190 Rosales, Ronda Lee; 13255 Saddleback Trucking; 689.13 Sams Club; 9150.34 Sanofi Pasteur; 190 Schaneman, Susan M; 18.75 Schumacher, Chasity M; 60 Secretary of State; 218.04 Sharpe, Stacey Ann; 935.41 Shattos Frontier Drug; 95.80 Shepherd, Johnna; 57.50 Shuler Kristy; 190 Sierz, Mary Ann; 137.43 Smith, Heidi J; 917.31 Snap-on Tools Co; 10056.24 Solutions For Life; 165 Sonnenfelt, Debra L; 247.50 Stark, Deniz A; 34.57 State of WY; 109.20 Steiger, Daniel; 113.44 Stericycle; 1000 Stouard, Kashli; 1000 Stouard, Kati; 10745.55 Summit Food Service; 286.35 Sundseth, Rebecca Kay; 646.76 Super Vacuum Manufacturing Co; 190 Swenson, Donna D; 30635 Sybille Creek Services; 125 Talbott, Lucas; 3459.50 TCB Security Services; 196.84 Teal, Jo Ann; 6100 Thos Y Pickett & Co; 941.32 Top Office Products; 190 Torgerson, Aleta; 919.80 Town of Glenrock; 701.27 Town of Rolling Hills; 249.96 Tractor Supply Co; 7952 Transmission Distribution Service; 50 TransUnion Risk and Alternative; 190 Tripp, Carol A; 3635.80 TrueNorth Steel; 2264.94 Twiford, Calvin; 917 U S Postmaster; 74.14 UW 4-H in Converse County; 3321.32 Verizon Wireless; 8831.98 Visa; 3243.49 Vision Service Plan; 1971.10 Visionary Communications; 167.81 Vyve Broadband J; 200 Warner, Ryan H; 210 WatchGuard Video; 160 Western Radiatorc; 12485 Wild West Construction; 18.75 Williams-Hardee, Nancy L; 190 Willox, Tione M; 190 Wilson, Amy; 25551.50 WLC Engineering & Surveying; 190 Woehl, Connie J; 190 Wolfe, John K; 6655 WW Trucking; 1508 WY Behavioral Institute; 1430.53 Wy Dept of Transportation; 5838.88 WY Dept of Workforce Services; 30557.75 WY Machinery Co; 245 WY Public Health Laboratory; 225.88 Xerox Corp; 492 Xerox Financial Services; 7500 Youth Development Services; 31845 Z Lazy Y Trucking; monthly reports for August: Clerk 42,086.84; Clerk of District Court 3,621.18; Public Health 12,641.24; Tax Cancellations/Refunds partial cancellation after Abstract date: Ensign US Drill RM, 24,183.42; Timepayment Corp. 0.33; Mr. Lehner seconded, the commission abstained from voting on warrants issued to themselves; motion carried. Chairman Short opened a public hearing at 9:00 a.m. to adopt FY2020 Budget Amendments as follows: $26,547,611 from Gen. Cash to Gen. Other; $1,566 from Gen. Cash to Treasurer; $1,602 from Gen. Cash to Rural Fire; $492,907 from Bldg. Res. Cash to Gen. Aid to Others; $1,430,241 from Bldg. Cash Reserve to Capital Const. Fund;   $86,124 from Health Grants Cash to Health Grants; and $111,561 from Jnt. Comm. Cash to Jnt. Comm. There were no public comments in favor or opposition; public hearing closed. Mr. Willox moved to amend the FY2020 budget as presented; Mr. Grant seconded; motion carried. Mr. Matt Dammeyer and Mr. Karl Hertz, MHCC, provided updates regarding requested and secured CARES Act Funding and health care projects. Dept. updates were provided by Don Gushurst, Maintenance, and Justin Lane, IT. Mr. Brad Locke requested a letter from the County approving the use of the Forgey-Smith gravel pit. Commissioners approved the letter which was provided to the requester. Mr. Clint Becker, County Sheriff, and Mr. Adam Alvarado, Detention Supervisor, discussed CARES Act funding purchases for Detention. The meeting recessed at 12:00 p.m. and reconvened at 1:10 p.m. Dept. updates were provided by Ms. Holly Richardson, Special Projects; Mr. Russ Dalgarn, EMS; and Mr. Artie Schubert, Surveyor.. Mr. Cal Twiford, consultant, and Mr. Jason Wilkinson, Road & Bridge Supervisor, provided updates on road and construction projects. Mr. Willox moved to approve Change Order No. 2 for Knife River in the amount of $53,497.25 to address drainage issues along Colter Trail; Mr. Colling seconded; motion approved. The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m. and reconvened at 8:10 a.m. on September 2, 2020. Mr. Willox moved to approve the write-offs in the amount of $35,200.49 for unassessed property as presented by the County Treasurer; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Mr. Colling moved to ratify a catering permit for Four Aces, Inc. DBA Four Aces; Mr. Willox seconded; motion carried. The Commissioners discussed a request from Kendra Jammerman, Mama’s Lunchbox, to set up a food truck on the John Lambert Subdivision weekdays between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.; the request was denied. A County business review with all Elected Officials and Dept. Heads was held at 9:00 a.m. Chairman Short opened a public hearing at 10:30 a.m. to accept public comments on revised Converse County Wind and/or Solar Energy Siting Regs and Resolution 19-20, Superseding Resolution 10-10 and Adopting Converse County Wind and/or Solar Energy Siting Regulations. An overview of the document was provided by Holly Richardson, Special Projects; there were no comments in favor or opposition of the revised regulations documents or Resolution; the public hearing was closed at 10:45 a.m.  Mr. Willox moved to approve Resolution No. 19-20; Mr. Colling seconded; motion carried. Mr. Ed Werner and Mrs. Karen Werner updated the Commissioners on Esterbrook Park. The Commissioners requested Mr. and Mrs. Werner act as the project managers for the project and that an agreement be created and approved by the parties. The meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m. and reconvened at 1:20 p.m. Mr. Colling moved to approve temporary agreement between the County and April Klava for COVID contact tracing; Mr. Willox seconded; motion carried. The regular meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

ATTEST: /s/ Karen Rimmer, County Clerk     /s/ Robert G. Short, Chairman

Publish: September 23, 2020    4322

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