Unapproved Minutes...

Unapproved Minutes

Board of Commissioners of Converse County

November 3 and 4, 2020

The regular meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 3, 2020.  Present were Chairman Robert Short; Vice-Chair Jim Willox; Commissioners Mike Colling, Tony Lehner, and Rick Grant; and County Clerk, Karen Rimmer. Ms. Hannah Swanbom provided updates on the ACT Work Ready Community program. Departmental updates were provided by Mr. Don Gushurst, Maintenance, and Mr. Justin Lane, IT Department. Ms. Kellynne Doyle, newly hired UW Extension Educator, discussed department goals and projects. The meeting recessed at 12:00 p.m. and reconvened at 1:00 p.m. Departmental updates were provided by Ms. Holly Richardson, Special Projects; and Mr. Russ Dalgarn, Emergency Mgmt. Svcs. The minutes of the regular meeting on Oct. 20, 2020 were approved and ordered filed. Mr. Willox moved to approve warrants in the amount of $6,699,666.79: 50 307 Healing Waters; 29197.50 383 Construction; 10120 A Diamond Trucking; 40.04 A T & T Mobility; 1355.18 Advanced Comm. Tech.; 12794.32 Advanced Geotechnical Solutions; 498.75 Agility Recovery Solutions; 220 Alcohol & Drug Testing Svcs; 1000 Alley, Linda S; 1196.45 ALSCO; 3126.81 Atlas Office Products; 1076.92 Atlas Premier Svc; 1175.32 B & B Leasing Co.; 7150 B A Trucking; 220 Barnes Law; 18.03 Becker Clinton; 916.92 Bison Pump/Supply; 4185.53 Black Hills Energy; 27610 Blackburn Cattle Co; 90.33 Bloedorn Lumber-Douglas; 208725.59 Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY; 489.54 Bob Ruwart Motors; 450 The Body Shop; 8415 Bonanza Earth Relocators; 4166.67 Boys & Girls Club of Douglas; 165 Bryan C Cropper DMD PC; 7040 C Spur Ranch; 446.28 Cash-Wa Distributing Co of Kearney; 778167 Caspar Building Systems; 11910 Casper Window/Door; 341.04 CDW Govt.; 124.95 Center for Edu./Employment Law; 9840.96 CenturyLink; 237.50 Certified Laboratories; 845 Chapman Valdez & Lansing; 10642.40 City of Douglas; 750 CivicPlus; 495.56 CMI-TECO; 69.25 Coca Cola Bottling Co High Country; 30845 CC Airport; 5000 CC Firewise; 8100 Cornerstone Detention Products; 145.50 Cowboy Chemical; 19.50 Custer County Sheriff; 75.50  Cytocheck Laboratory; 1001.46 Dearborn Life Insurance Co; 1800 Dilts, Jerry J, Trustee; 684 Douglas Broadcasting; 2614.75 Douglas Budget; 355.71 Douglas Business Center; 7500 Douglas Community Club; 349.88 Douglas Feed; 11.98 Douglas Grocery; 287.37 Douglas Hardware Hank; 1947.66 Douglas Tire Center; 500 Douglas Trap Club; 1360 Drone King UAS; 3010 DRU Consulting; 38331.09 Dustbusters; 525 Emery Septic; 195 The Eye Institute of WY PC; 3014.77 Fastenal Co; 224.36 Floyd’s Truck Center WY; 1121.43 Freestone Midstream; 11660 G Bar S Oilfield Svcs.; 9000 Geotec Industrial Supply; 833.33 Glenrock Paleontological Museum; 422.59 Grainger; 57.50 Grant, Richard C; 2268.75 Greenwood Mapping; 192.88 Greiner Ford of Casper; 449788.45 GSG Architecture; 1360.14 H & H Electric; 7315 H & J Trucking; 130 Hansuld, Tia; 39.99 Harbor Freight Tools; 34.90 Hensley Battery; 340 Hilltop National Bank; 217.85 Hinckley, Katy; 26490.52 Homax Oil Sales; 1948.50 Home Town Printed Apparel; 28.75 Hubbard, Kyra; 70.73 Hughes Network Systems; 3500 Human Resource Council of Converse CO; 1676.25 Hutchinson, Hal H PE; 220 IAAO; 300 Inner Strength Therapeutic Massage; 150 The Insurance Corner; 3851.60 Jerry s Welding-Steel Fab; 17105 JM Trucking; 1568 Johnson Controls; 400 Joyful Living Massage & Wellness; 13750 KCK; 228.71 Kimball Midwest; 4516.61 Klava, April Dawn; 3955754.22 Knife River; 308.50 Laramie Range Water Treatment & Plumbing; 82.80 Lehner, Tony; 250.51 Lexisnexis Matthew Bender; 16929.26 Lost Creek Holdings; 780 Marlin Business Bank; 232.54 The Master’s Touch; 136.36 McKesson Medical-Surgical; 8635 McKillip Trucking; 2508.78 Medicine Bow Technologies; 188543.75 MHCC; 50.05 Merback Award Co; 50 Michele’s Massage Therapy; 5 Miller, Crimson; 116.14 Motion/Flow Control Products; 412.18 Mountain States Lithographing; 1304.73 NAPA; 105.04 NAPA - Glenrock; 21 Natl Institute for Jail Operations; 919.77 Norco; 1596.72 NorMont Equipment; 11355.95 Northwest Community Action Programs ; 825 Nunn Utility Locating; 143.95 O Reilly Automotive; 74.60 OffenderWatch; 35 Office Ally; 429.98 Office Depot; 1491.70 OK Wrecking; 21450 Olsen, Christie; 5510 Palen Law Offices; 585 Panhandle Prep Sports Magazine; 5130 Peasley and Armstrong; 1427.74 Peterbilt of Wyoming; 2643 Pierce’s Body & Paint; 28.75 Pimentel, Esther; 597.82 Plainsman Printing & Supply; 7260 Porter Cattle Co. Trucking; 30614 Price Pumping Svc.; 11935 Price Trucking; 6915 Pro River Tech; 100 Pure Raine Salon; 2000 Quadient Finance USA; 687.70 Quill Corporation; 188.80 R & R Rest Stops of Casper; 1018.15 R&S Northeast; 111676 Ramshorn Construction; 955.89 Renegade Off-Road & Driveline Repair; 134.38 Respond First Aid Systems of Wyoming; 7260 Riordan Trucking; 261477.60 Rockin B Ranches; 13548.24 Rocky Mountain Power; 309.50 Rocky Mountain Wash; 116.95 Rons Supply; 508.83 Russell Construction; 14080 Saddleback Trucking; 509.26 Safety Kleen; 462.61 Sam s Club; 117.50 Sandy’s Sewing; 1174.27 Sanofi Pasteur; 195 Schubert, Arthur F; 30 Secretary of State; 2327.63 Shatto s Frontier Drug; 28.75 Shuler Kristy; 649.95 The Sidwell Company; 131.20 Smartt, Andrew; 412.28 Smith, Heidi J; 4783.33 Solutions For Life; 44.14 State of WY; 1100 Stearns, Jane MS LPC; 113.44 Stericycle; 8684.72 Summit Food Service; 467 Super Vacuum Manufacturing Co; 20735 Sybille Creek Services; 511.26 Top Office Products; 3200 TOV Consulting & Communications; 983.55 Town of Glenrock; 5968.77 Twiford, Calvin; 442.71 Tyler Plumbing; 2663.25 Tyler Technologies; 777.50 U S Postmaster; 6501 Univ Of Wyoming; 3856.32 Verizon Wireless; 15425.04 Visa; 3219.60 Vision Service Plan; 1972.06 Visionary Communications; 167.81 Vyve Broadband J; 5000 Western States/Tribal Nations; 8635 Wild West Construction; 166.41 Willox Jim; 22101 WLC Engineering/Surveying; 40 Wright, Triston; 124.20  Wright, Weston; 8415 WW Trucking; 12818 WY Behavioral Institute; 416.67 WY Child & Family Development; 59.05 WY Dept of Transportation; 36 WY Financial Insurance; 1085 WY Health Fairs; 9241.94 WY Machinery; 542 WY Public Health Laboratory; 882.84 WY Rigging & Industrial Supply; 492 Xerox Financial Services; 3750 Youth Development Services; 23100 Z Lazy Y Trucking of monthly reports for October: Clerk 33,852.15; NOVC 2020-0334 Anschutz Oil Co. $761.77; Jim’s Water Service, data entry error cancellation 97.00; Mr. Lehner seconded; the commission abstained from voting on warrants issued to themselves;motion carried. Mr. Lehner moved to ratify Resolution 22-20, Authorizing Submission of a Coronavirus Relief Grant (CRG) Application to State Lands and Investments Board (SLIB) on Behalf of the Governing Body in the amount 801,344 for Fiber Optic Conduit/Cable Between the CCJJC, Courthouse, and Douglas City Hall; Mr. Grant seconded; motion carried. Mr. Willox moved to approve Resolution No. 23-20 Authorizing the Release of Monies Prior to Each County Payroll Distribution Via Direct Deposit; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Mr. Grant moved to ratify Resolution 24-20 Authorizing Submission of a CRG Application to SLIB on Behalf of the Governing Body in the amount 233,715 for CCSO/PH equipment, and also clarified for the record that this grant was submitted with the incorrect number of 20-24 and should be referred to as 24-20; Mr. Willox seconded; motion carried. Mr. Lehner moved to ratify Resolution 25-20, Authorizing Submission of a CRG Application to SLIB on Behalf of the Governing Body in the amount 38,358, for Professional Cleaning/Disinfection Services for County property; Mr. Willox seconded; motion carried. Mr. Grant moved to approve Resolution 26-20 Authorizing Submission of a CRG Application to SLIB On Behalf of the Governing Body for Converse County on Behalf of the Converse Hope Center (CHC) in the Amount of 19,200 for Victim Svcs/Case Mgmt Software Upgrade; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Mr. Willox moved to approve Resolution 27-20 Authorizing Submission of a CRG to SLIB on Behalf of the Governing Body for the County on Behalf of the CHC in the Amount of $200,000 for an Emergency Shelter; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Mr. Willox moved to approve Resolution No. 28-20 Approving the Official Holidays for County Employees for the Year 2021; Mr. Grant seconded; motion carried. Mr. Willox moved to approve the Community Room Usage Policy as amended; Mr. Grant seconded; motion carried. Mr. Lehner moved to approve the Coop Agreement for the Sub-Award of the 2020 Community Assistance Funding on Adjacent Lands – Hazardous Fuels Reduction Grant Between the State of WY, Office of State Lands/Investments, and Converse County for a term from full execution through March 31, 2025, in the amount of $95,150; Mr. Grant seconded; motion carried. Mr. Willox moved to approve dog kennel renewal applications from Nov. 18, 2020, to Nov. 17, 2022, for Kimberly Schneider, 19 Wild Horse Rd, Douglas WY; Allan and Tabatha Berge, 820 Hwy. 20-26, Glenrock, WY; and Mandy Lovitt/Bunkhouse Boarding, 689 Hwy 18-20, Douglas WY; Mr. Grant seconded; motion carried. Mr. Cal Twiford, consultant, provided updates on various road and construction projects. Mr. Willox moved to approve Change Order No. 4 from Caspar Building Systems Inc. for the new Road/Bridge facility to provide/install conduit, increasing overall price by $3,611 for a total project price of 5,497,814; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Mr. Jason Wilkinson, Road/Bridge Supervisor, provided additional updates regarding projects, equipment, and staffing. The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m. and reconvened at 9:00 a.m. on Nov. 4, 2020. Elected officials/department heads/supervisors discussed various County business. Mr. Short opened a public hearing at 10:30 a.m. to hear comments on the RS Minor Subdivision; the County P&Z Commission met on Oct. 20, 2022 and moved to transit this proposal to the Commissioners with a recommendation to approve. No written comments were received; no comments from the public; and no questions or comments from the Commissioners. The public hearing closed at 10:38 a.m. Mr. Willox moved to approve the RS Minor Subdivision as presented; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Ms. Courtny Conkle, WY State Fair Director, and Ms. Reba Sundseth, Asst. Director, provided updates for the fair/fairgrounds.  Ms. Darcey Cowardin, PH Nurse Manager, discussed concerns regarding facility-specific policies. The meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m. and reconvened at 1:30 p.m. Ms. Dru Bower, Dru Consulting, provided updates on the CC Oil and Gas EIS; WPCI; federal/state agency natural resource updates; TBNG; Raptor Symposium; WCCA issues; and various action items. Mr. Grant moved to authorize the supervisor of each County-owned, leased, or operated building the ability to enact policies and procedures pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic for the health, safety, and welfare of employees and the public, and further moved that any such policies and procedures must be conspicuously posted at the building; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Mr. Willox moved to rescind Resolution 17-20, Authorizing Submission of a CRG Application to SLIB on Behalf of the Governing Body for Converse County for County payroll in the amount of $2,858,975.63, with the intention of submitting a replacement resolution/application to the State; Mr. Grant seconded; motion carried. Mr. Willox moved to approve the Service Agreement between the County and AmeriClean for disinfection and sanitization of county buildings and vehciles; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. The regular meeting adjourned at 3:08 p.m.

ATTEST: /s/ Karen Rimmer, County Clerk    /s/ Robert G. Short, Chairman

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