C.C. Unapproved Minutes...

Unapproved Minutes - Board of Commissioners of Converse County, August 4 & 5, 2020

The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. on Aug. 4, 2020.  Present were Vice-Chair Jim Willox; Commissioners Mike Colling, Tony Lehner, and Rick Grant; and County Clerk, Karen Rimmer. Robert Short, Chairman, was excused. The minutes of the regular meeting on July 21, 2020 were approved and ordered filed. Mr. Colling moved to approve warrants in the amount of 3897167.12 as follows: 50 307 Healing Waters; 3704.60 71 Construction; 5500 A Diamond Trucking LLC; 40.04 A T & T Mobility; 25 Abbott, Jade; 801.79 Ace Calibrations; 1378.57 Advanced Communications Technology Inc; 12245.18Advanced Geotechnical Solutions Inc; 498.75 Agility Recovery Solutions Inc; 210 Alcohol & Drug Testing Services LLC; 1000 Alley, Linda S; 2173.85 ALSCO; 8508.08 Asphalt Doctors; 881.75 Atlas Office Products; 1014.69 Atlas Premier Service; 1195.83 B&B Leasing Company; 3850 B A Trucking; 257352.97 B&M Sand & Gravel Inc; 128.42 Balfour, Susan E; 150 Barnett, Jeffrey L; 7016.50 BearCom; 9234 BestDrive LLC; 265.86 Big Horn Tire Inc; 3291.39 Bison Pump & Supply Inc; 20808 Black Diamond Investigation; 3044.25 Black Hills Energy; 10010 Blackburn Cattle Co Inc; 2595.82 Bloedorn Lumber-Douglas; 1714.95 Blue 360 Media LLC; 255568.04 Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY; 2125 Blue Knight Security LLC; 595.57 Bob Ruwart Motors; 350 The Body Shop LLC; 248.14 Boldon, Kitson J; 3960 Bonanza Earth Relocators LLC; 4166.67 Boys & Girls Club of Douglas; 107 Carr, Frances L; 445.65 Cash-Wa Distributing Co of Kearney Inc; 633033 Caspar Building Systems Inc; 482.63 CDW Government Inc; 9836.42 CenturyLink; 1020 Chapman Valdez & Lansing; 144.54 Christensen, Thomas A II; 4889.96 City of Douglas; 1080 Claris International Inc; 214.84 CMI-TECO; 30.50 Coca Cola Bottling Co High Country; 30845 Converse County Airport; 3750 Converse County Firewise; 1700 Cook, TannerLee; 145.50 Cowboy Chemical Inc; 264.12 CPS Distributors; 7500 Darktrace Limited; 163.10 Dawn ‘Til Dusk Gifts From The Farm; 302.33 Dayton Transmission LLC; 973.22 Dearborn Life Insurance Company; 233.81 Decker Auto Glass; 300 Deines, Smokey; 1800 Dilts, Jerry J, Trustee; 4935.52 Douglas Budget; 760.40 Douglas Business Center; 400 Douglas Day Spa; 45.35 Douglas Grocery; 245.27 Douglas Hardware Hank; 552.03 Douglas Tire Center; 637.50 Drone King UAS; 2513.63 DRU Consulting LLC; 102082.63 Dustbusters Inc; 1575 Emery Septic; 715 Etchemendy, George P; 50 Evins, Julia E; 273.02 Ezell, Anne Terri; 193.21 Farmer Bros Co; 1156.52 Fastenal Company; 3562 First Call; 10.01 FleetPride Inc; 726.46 Floyd’s Truck Center WY; 3143.04 Freestone Midstream LLC; 486500 Geotec Industrial Supply; 367.55 Glaxosmithkline Financial Inc; 11.99 Glenrock Hardware Hank; 1350 Glenrock Health Center; 511.08 Glenrock Motorsports; 833.33 Glenrock Paleontological Museum; 2750 Gorman Funeral Homes Inc; 1304.65 Grainger; 28.75 Grant, Richard C; 241.64 Green, Taya Lembke; 1200 Greenwood Mapping Inc; 99608 Greiner Ford of Casper; 380735.50 GSG Architecture; 302.83 H & H Electric LLC; 260.00 Hansuld, Tia; 299.18 Harris, Virginia; 279.58 Hays, Leah A; 162.03 Health Merch LLC; 165 Hilltop National Bank; 24683.32 Homax Oil Sales; 592 Home Town Printed Apparel LLC; 90420 HUB Intnl Mtn States Ltd; 28.75 Hubbard, Kyra; 70.73 Hughes Network Systems LLC; 915 Hutchinson, Hal H PE; 20.50 Institutional Eye Care LLC; 1438.38 Jerry s Welding-Steel Fab; 3080 JM Trucking; 575 John E Reid & Associates Inc; 79 Jones, Rose Marie; 150 Joyful Living Massage & Wellness; 1001 K-9 Kings LLC; 880 KCK, INC; 156.26 Keeran, Aleighica A; 88.76 Kimball Midwest; 861646.84 Knife River Inc; 432.50 Laramie Range Water Treatment & Plumbing; 300 Largent, Jordan; 150 Leake, Diana Jane; 174.80 Lehner, Tony; 300 Lewis, Landon; 190.10 Lexisnexis Matthew Bender; 8589.43 Lost Creek Holdings LLC; 500 Macdonald, Douglas; 358.58 Mackey, Bryan Z; 1839.54 Mallory Safety and Supply LLC; 675 Marlin Business Bank; 3252.23 The Master’s Touch LLC; 80 Maurisak, Amy; 240.05  McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc; 880 McKillip Trucking LLC; 2565.72 Medicine Bow Technologies Inc; 201354.75 Memorial Hospital of Converse County; 7110 MHL Systems; 240 Mitchell, Caden; 2240 Mitchell, Kendra; 1423.60  NAPA; 358 NMS Labs; 291.47 Norco Inc; 4645.43 Northwest Community Action Programs ; 119.79 O Reilly Automotive Inc; 105 OffenderWatch; 35 Office Ally Inc; 487.56 Office Depot; 3302.04 OK Wrecking; 10835 Olsen DeWayne; 712.50 OpSec Security Inc; 135 Peak Fitness LLC; 86.67 Peech, Nycole; 4163.13 Peterbilt of Wyoming; 195 Pierce’s Body & Paint; 300 Pierson, Lucas V; 57.50 Pimentel, Esther; 169.98 Pitney Bowes Global Financial Svcs LLC; 400 Post and Associates; 3500 Power Drive Supply LLC; 8910 Price Pumping Service; 8085 Price Trucking; 6915 Pro River Technology; 300 Pure Raine Salon; 409.49 Quadient Finance USA Inc; 153.98 Quill Corporation Inc; 297.25 R & R Rest Stops of Casper; 5349.50 Ramshorn Construction Inc; 124.75 Renegade Off-Road & Driveline Repair LLC; 180.62 Riske, Ellie; 40 Roc Doc Mobile Windshield Repair; 40000 Rockin B Ranches LLC; 100 Rocky Mountain Information Network; 15839.69 Rocky Mountain Power; 243 Rocky Mountain Wash LLC; 25 Rodeman, Taylor Lee; 80 Ron s Supply; 3960 Saddleback Trucking LLC; 506.80 Safety Kleen Corp; 6000 Sage Landscaping LLC; 16.76 Sam s Club; 98 Sandy’s Sewing; 2200 Schaffert, Casey A; 2146.43 Shatto s Frontier Drug; 28.75 Shuler Kristy; 300 Shutes, Sylvia M; 580.41 Solutions For Life; 21.62 State of Wyoming; 2950 Stearns, Jane MS LPC; 113.44 Stericycle Inc; 143.66 Stotz Equipment; 178.42 Strand, Mary; 1500 Sundseth, Rebecca Kay; 880 Sybille Creek Services; 400 Talbott, Lucas; 58.79 Tamlin, Darci Kay; 862.50 Team Laboratory Chemical Corp; 6100 Thos Y Pickett & Co Inc; 1600 TOV Consulting & Communications LLC; 983.55 Town of Glenrock; 1914 Tracker Software Corporation; 149.97 Tractor Supply Co; 50 TransUnion Risk and Alternative; 3139.86 Twiford, Calvin R; 1800 Two Way Radio; 3392.21 Tyler Technologies Inc; 4937.21 Verizon Wireless; 225 Vines, Andrew; 8419.04 Visa; 3260.01 Vision Service Plan; 3922.70 Visionary Communications Inc; 167.81 Vyve Broadband J LLC; 4562.50 Weidenhamer, Leslie; 210.45 Willox Jim; 17455.95 WLC Engineering & Surveying; 880 WW Trucking LLC; 3770 WY Behavioral Institute; 833.34 WY Child & Family Development; 19054 WY County Commissioners Assoc; 3118.12 Wy Dept of Transportation; 36 WY Financial Insurance Inc; 12489.27 WY Machinery Co; 372 WY Public Health Laboratory; 728 WY Rigging & Industrial Supply LLC; 120 WY State Board of Pharmacy; 221.33 Xerox Corporation; 492 Xerox Financial Services LLC; 8690 Z Lazy Y Trucking LLC; monthly reports for July: Clerk 40,539.79; Clerk of District Court: 4693.37;  Mr. Lehner seconded, the commission abstained from voting on warrants issued to themselves; no discussion; motion carried. Mr. Colling moved to approve: Resolution 18-20, Ordering the 2020 Mill Levy for FY2021; Mr. Lehner seconded; no discussion; motion approved. Mr. Grant moved to approve mill levies: BOCES #1 EWC 0.500: Gillette Campus 0.400/Thermopolis 0.100; BOCES #2 0.500; CCSD#1 Fnd. 12.000; CCSD #2 Fnd. 12.000; City of Douglas 8.000; CC Senior Citizens Dist 1.250; County Wide School #1 6.000; County Wide School #2 6.000; Glenrock Cemetery Dist 1.336; Glenrock Area Solid Waste Disposal Dist 3.000; Monkey Rd 0.000/$144.00/property owner; Rec Dist #1 1.000; Rec Dist #2 1.000; Soil Cons Dist 0.108; Special Hospital Dist 2.678; Special School #1 25.000; Special School #2 25.000; Town of Glenrock 8.0000; Town of Rolling Hills 8.000; Weed & Pest 0.361; Mr. Colling seconded; no discussion; motion carried. Mr. Colling moved to appoint Ms. Margaret Nunn to the Glenrock Area Solid Waste Disposal District to fill an unexpired term until July 31, 2022; Mr. Lehner seconded; no discussion; motion carried. Mr. Grant moved to reappoint Mr. Mitch Falkenburg to the CC Fair Bd for a three-year term until September 1, 2023; Mr. Lehner seconded; no discussion; motion carried. An MOU between the CC Fair Bd and CC 4-H/UW Ext Office to establish roles of both organizations. Dept updates regarding upcoming and ongoing projects were presented by Maintenance and IT Directors. Mr. Grant moved to recess into Exec Session for security purposes at 10:55 p.m.; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried; meeting reconvened at 11:15 a.m. Mr. Don Stewart and Ms. Jaime Pinkerton, Glenrock Rec Ctr, discussed the replacement project. The Commission concurred with the award of a bid to Dave Loden Construction, Inc. in the amount of $319,885, with the County to pay a budgeted amount not to exceed $300,000 directly to the vendor. Mr. Colling moved to approve the Aid to Others agreements for B&G Club of Central WY/Glenrock in the amounts per approved FY2021 budget; Mr. Lehner seconded; no discussion; motion carried. Mr. Grant moved to approve an MOU between the County and WSF for FY2021 in the amount of $45,000 funds and $10,000 in-kind services; Mr. Lehner seconded; no discussion; motion carried. Mr. Colling moved to approve an MOU between the County and the City of Douglas to establish ownership, improvement, and maintenance of conduit and fiber optic cable between the Courthouse and City Hall buildings contingent upon approval from the City; Mr. Grant seconded; no discussion; motion carried.  Mr. Grant moved to approve the Fiber Optic Internet Landlord approval form between the County and Visionary Broadband; Mr. Lehner seconded; no discussion; motion carried. Mr. Lehner moved to ratify the Bid Agreement between the County and Rockin’ B Ranches LLC for gravel purchases at 5.75 per ton for various road projects; Mr. Colling seconded; no discussion; motion carried. Departmental updates on various upcoming and ongoing projects were provided by Special Projects; Emergency Management; and Surveyor departments. Mr. Cal Twiford provided updates on Road & Bridge projects. Mr. Grant moved to approve Change Order No. 2 for Caspar Building Systems Inc. for an increase of $5,350.00 for additional underground conduit units; Mr. Lehner seconded; no discussion; motion carried. Mr. Lehner moved to approve Change Order No. 1 for Knife River, Chip Seal Project, increasing the contract amount by 71,332.68 for a total cost of 746,698.26 to reflect installed quantities vs. estimated quantities; Mr. Grant seconded; no discussion; motion carried. The Commission acknowledged the Certificate of Substantial Completion for the 2020 Converse County Chip Seal Project as of July 23, 2020. Mr. Jason Wilkinson, Rd/Bridge, provided additional updates; the Commissioners authorized Rd/Bridge to purchase a hydro-vac trailer using remaining equipment funds. Mr. Grant moved to go into Exec Session for personnel at 3:35; Mr. Colling seconded; motion carried; meeting reconvened at 4:00 p.m.  The Commission authorized Rd/Bridge to fill one of two full-time positions, and further moved to extend two of four temporary positions until November 1, 2020. The regular meeting recessed at 5:10 p.m., August 4, 2020 and reconvened at 9:02 a.m. on August 5, 2020. All elected officials met to discuss County business. Mr. Joel Schell, on behalf of the B&G Club/Douglas, requested the release of budgeted capital construction funds for the new B&G Club facility, which the Commission agreed to release upon presentation of an original itemized invoice. Mr. Willox opened a public hearing at 10:30 a.m. for a petition for partial vacation/abandonment of 5.88 miles Ross Rd, CR31. Entered into the record were written comments in opposition from WY Office of State Lands/Investments and from Mr. Arthur Schubert; comments taking no position from BLM, Casper Field Office; email request to withdraw signature on the petition by Stirling and Bill Moore; and a PAA map showing the public hunting access walk-in area. Mr. Josh Moore; Mr. Vern Moore; Mr. Frank Moore; Mrs. Tammy Moore; and Mrs. Kayla Moore, petitioners, provided a detailed overview of the petition including.  Mr. Matt Huizenga, US Forest Service, and Mr. Brian Olson, WY Game & Fish, commented in favor of the abandonment: the public hunting access is of significant value; a long-term easement is preferred; and they will seek an updated letter from the State Land Board showing support. They added that a public parking area would be created in cooperation with the State; minutes of the Game & Fish Commission showing approval of abandonment and the PAA will be provided; and timeframe for hunting access would be August 15 to the end of November of each year to encompass white tail deer, mule deer, and antelope hunting seasons. Petitioners stated that scouting would be allowed so long as hunters followed the rules; very few walk-in requests have been made over the years. Ms.  Dixie Huxtable questioned addressing of properties and access for energy companies particularly for existing facilities. Following discussion, it was determined that a potential bypass road could continue as Ross Road.  Lengthy discussion ensued regarding the balance of public and private interests; preferred timeline of completion prior to the 2021 hunting season; and other options for the end of the private road.  The abandonment must be approved prior to Game & Fish entering negotiations with landowners for the PAA agreement. The public hearing adjourned 11:46 a.m.; Mr. Grant moved to proceed with abandonment of Ross Road as published subject to an approved PAA agreement with Game & Fish and a legal resolution for abandonment; Mr. Colling seconded; no further discussion; motion carried. Representatives of WYDOT presented the WYDOT STIP program.  The meeting recessed at 12:45 p.m. and reconvened at 1:40 p.m. Ms. Dru Bower, Dru Consulting, provided updates on the various energy issues, action items, and upcoming meetings. A public meeting will be held on September 17, 2020 at EWC from 5:00-8:00 p.m. to review the Converse County Natural Resource Plan. Ms. Deena McDaniels, County Executive Director, USDA Farm Service Agency, joined the Commissioners via conference call to provide clarification and receive input regarding the Converse County drought designation. The Commission stated their support of the drought declaration for Converse County by the USDA. Mr. Clint Becker, Sheriff; Mr. Adam Alvarado, Detention Supervisor; and the Commission discussed staffing needs for Detention; salaries; and Courthouse security. The Commission authorized the Sheriff’s Department to fill one vacant full-time Detention Deputy position. The Commissioners reviewed the revised proposed Wind and Solar Energy Siting Regulations. Mr. Lehner moved to approve Amendment One to the Brownfield/Robin Lane project increasing the overall dollar amount by 1,849,543 for a total cost of 3,880,344 due to design change/addition of retention pond; Mr. Colling seconded; no discussion; motion carried. Mr. Grant moved to approve the general service contract between the County and Rocky Mountain Power for service to new Road & Bridge Facility; Mr. Lehner seconded; no discussion; motion carried. The regular meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m. on August 5, 2020.

ATTEST: /s/ Karen Rimmer, County Clerk         /s/ James H. Willox, Vice- Chairman

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