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Converse County School District #1

Public Notice


Converse County School District #1 will accept written comments on policies JEA – Compulsory Attendance Ages, JEB – Entrance Age, JH – Student Absences and Truancy, EBAA – Notification of Pesticide Application, EBC – Emergencies, EBC-E – Building Crisis Management Plan, EBC-R – Crisis Management-Administrative Regulation, EBD – Pesticides/Herbicides, EBD-R - Pesticides/Herbicides Data Sheet, EBD-R – Pesticide/Herbicide Notification Form, ECA – Security, EEA – Student Transportation, EEAA-R – Isolation Payments, EEAB – Rural Schools, EEAB-R – Rural Schools – Regulation, EEAE – Bus Safety Program and School Bus Law Compliance, EEAE-E – CCSD#1 Bus Video Request Form, EEAE-R – Audio/Video Recording on School Buses, EEAF – Special Use of School Buses, EEAEA-R – Transportation Personnel Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing.  Send written comments to the Administration Office, 615 Hamilton Street, Douglas, WY  82633.  Comments can be received until 2:00 p.m., July 28, 2021.


Board policies are online at


Ryan Igo, Clerk

Converse County School District #1

Publish: July 21, 2021    4820

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