C.C. Commissioners Unapproved Minutes...

Unapproved Minutes, Board of Commissioners of Converse County, July 6 and 7, 2021

The regular meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. on July 6, 2021.  Present were Chairman Jim Willox; Vice-Chair Rick Grant; Commissioners Robert Short, Tony Lehner, and Mike Colling; and County Clerk, Karen Rimmer. Departmental updates were provided by Mr. Don Gushurst, Maintenance Department, and Mr. Chris Caskey, Technical Services Director. Mr. Steve Horn, N. Platte River Dist. Manager/WY State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails, provided an overview of a proposed plan for ten dry camp sites at Fort Fetterman. The meeting recessed at 12:00 p.m. and reconvened at 1:10 p.m. Departmental updates were provided by Ms. Holly Richardson, Special Projects; Mr. Russ Dalgarn, Emergency Management Services; and Mr. Artie Schubert, County Surveyor. Mr. Shawn Kornegay, Road & Bridge Foreman, and Mr. Cal Twiford, Consultant, provided updates on Road & Bridge projects. Todd Mattson and Mike Oakley, HDR Engineering, provided updates on the Mormon Canyon Road project; Mr. Grant moved to approve Amendment No. 2 for the Mormon Canyon Road project, increasing overall design costs by $33,638 to accommodate for design requirements of the Town of Glenrock; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. The minutes of the June 6, 7, and 8, 2021 FY22 Budget Work Session minutes, and the June 15, 2021 regular meeting were approved and ordered filed. Mr. Colling moved to approve warrants in the amount of 2299228.24: 2116.92 71 Construction; 12320 A Diamond Trucking; 2322.39 AT&T Mobility; 600 A1 Towing & Recovery; 125 Ace Calibrations; 400 Adamson Police Products; 330.35 Advanced Animal Clinic; 205 Alcohol & Drug Testing Services; 1000 Alley, Linda S; 1808.05 ALSCO; 3832.32 Ameri-Tech Equipment Co; 3678.40 Atlas Office Products; 864.83 Atlas Premier Service; 1175.32 B & B Leasing Co; 361.10 Barnes Law; 75 Barry, Mandi; 171.22 BearCom; 95.65 Becker Clinton; 100 Beer, Sara Nicole; 4492.80 Big Horn Tire; 1855.88 Bison Pump & Supply; 5044.42 Black Hills Energy; 36052.50 Blackburn Cattle Co; 212.80 Bliss, Mary; 960.22 Bloedorn Lumber-Douglas; 151099.85 Blue Cross Blue Shield of WY; 2194.58 Bob Barker Co; 600.71 Bobcat of Casper; 300 The Body Shop; 4166.63 Boys & Girls Club of Douglas; 4166.63 Boys & Girls Clubs of Central WY; 1803 Bryan C Cropper DMD PC; 1137 ByteSpeed; 19648.17 Carpet One Commercial Flooring; 840 Casalenda, Ronald T; 505.19 Cash-Wa Distributing Co of Kearney; 26627.24 CDW Government; 320 Central WY Skin Clinic; 10040.92 CenturyLink; 38.34 Chalk Buttes Landscaping; 320353.18 CIGNA Health and Life Insurance Co; 4379.15 City of Douglas; 150 City Shoe & Saddle Shop; 1080 Claris International; 15.36 Clover Propane Service; 1855.56 CMI-TECO; 262 Colling, Mike; 162 Control Solutions; 44500 Converse County Firewise; 300 Converse County Search & Rescue Unit; 55.04 Converse County Weed & Pest; 55453.42 Converse Hope Center; 1597 Cornerstone Detention Products; 33.60 Cowardin, Darcey; 436.50 Cowboy Chemical; 223.22 CPS Distributors; 99.50 Cytocheck Laboratory; 150 Davies, Michael R; 1004.42 Dearborn Life Insurance Co; 1495.79 Decker Auto Glass; 9666 Delta Dental of WY; 1800 Dilts, Jerry J, Trustee; 965.08 Dodge Co; 38.54 Don’s Business Machines; 1500 Douglas Broadcasting; 2815.95 Douglas Budget; 213.07 Douglas Business Center; 7500 Douglas Community Club; 300 Douglas Day Spa; 109.64 Douglas Grocery; 1558.88 Douglas Hardware Hank; 30 Douglas Sign Co; 420.05 Douglas Tire Center; 151.31 Doyle, Kellynne; 3910 DRU Consulting; 210842.36 Dustbusters; 240 Edwards, Joanna; 1275 Emery Septic; 28384.80 The Enterprise; 90 The Eye Institute of WY 3236.37 Fastenal Company; 6207.81 Fetterman Pit; 325705.56 Fire Suppression Authority; 2075 First Call Communications; 2246.39 Floyd’s Truck Center WY; 1618.50 Glaxosmithkline Financial Inc; 16.99 Glenrock Hardware Hank; 135 Glenrock Health Center; 30 Glenrock Independent; 833.37 Glenrock Paleontological Museum; 2750 Gorman Funeral Homes; 425.02 Grainger; 84 Grant, Richard C; 93 GreatAmerica Financial Services Corp; 790 Greenwood Mapping; 59.95 Greiner Ford of Casper; 16656.33 GSG Architecture; 1750 Gudahl Williams; 441.83 H & H Electric; 520 Hansuld, Tia; 19.99 Harris, Rebecca J; 64936.34 HDR Engineering; 3420.82 Health Merch; 205 Hilltop National Bank; 47439.38 Homax Oil Sales; 300 Home Town Printed Apparel; 70.73 Hughes Network Systems; 150 Hughes, Nathan; 151.20 Huxtable, Dixie; 150 Huxtable, John; 1667.65 ICS Jail Supplies; 120 Inner Strength Therapeutic Massage; 50 The Insurance Corner; 3485 Inter-Mountain Pipe & Threading Co; 1242.22 Jerry s Welding-Steel Fab; 7205 JM Trucking; 430 Johnson, Christi Sue; 360 Joyful Living Massage & Wellness; 9577.54 Knife River; 2500 Laramie Peak Humane Society; 568 Laramie Range Water Treatment & Plumbing; 4536 Leisure Interactive; 1768.77 LexisNexis Matthew Bender; 9310.74 Lost Creek Holdings; 59.79 Macdonald, Dee; 481.85 Mallory Safety and Supply; 780 Marlin Business Bank; 542.95 Martin, Tiffany; 300 Massage Therapy by Silke Hodges; 3315.71 The Master’s Touch; 15.31 McCullough Pamela; 4086.97 McKesson Medical-Surgical; 2455.91 Medicine Bow Technologies; 290475.52 Memorial Hospital of Converse County; 2345.14 Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp; 1350 MHL Systems; 3205.50 Migali Industries; 2701.50 Mill Iron Diamond Ranch; 259.26 Motion Industries; 72.90 Motor Power Casper; 116.52 Mountain States Lithographing; 347.52 NAPA; 3194.10 Newman Traffic Signs; 1069.13 Norco; 1621.90 North Bill Disposal; 4736.88 Northwest Community Action Programs ; 425.03 O Reilly Automotive; 35 OffenderWatch; 35 Office Ally; 950.36 Office Depot; 299.62 Oil City Printers; 6267.75 OK Wrecking; 14025 Olsen, Christie; 4410.74 Peak Fitness; 67.69 Peech, Benjamin K P; 26979.62 Pete’s Builders; 1009.75 Peterbilt of WY; 150 Peterson, Justin; 406.26 Pitney Bowes Global Financial Svcs; 1630.13 Plainsman Printing & Supply; 28985.00 Price Pumping Service; 15180 Price Trucking; 1389 Priority Dispatch Corp; 11330 Pro River Technology; 701.79 Quadient Leasing USA; 303.29 Quill Corporation; 568 R&R Rest Stops of Casper; 203.74 R&S Northeast; 17690 Ramshorn Construction; 1369.26 Range; 7577.46 Renegade Off-Road & Driveline Repair; 6373.97 Rockin B Ranches; 13713.81 Rocky Mountain Power; 370.25 Rocky Mountain Wash; 7999.95 Romero, Jonathan; 480.05 Rons Supply; 158.68 Rose Bros; 537.02 Safety Kleen Corp; 0.65 Safeway Pharmacy; 15500 Sage Landscaping; 74.38 Sams Club; 403.63 Sanofi Pasteur; 293.75 Schroeder, Margaret  J; 4181.60 Shattos Frontier Drug; 144.48 Shepherd, Johnna; 334.10 Shuler Kristy; 516.18 Shur-Tite Products; 400 Smith Psychological Services; 322.56 Smith, Heidi J; 48.25 Snap-on Tools Co; 900 Solutions For Life; 440.39 Southeastern Filtration & Equipment Syst; 132.93 Spradley Barr Motors; 16.40 State of WY; 118.88 Stericycle; 4250 Stinson, Bridget; 6015.40 Stotz Equipment; 16006.54 Summit Food Service; 699.60 Sutherlands Friendly Home; 792.95 Top Office Products; 1600 TOV Consulting & Communications; 1047.30 Town of Glenrock; 119.96 Tractor Supply Co; 904.93 Trane US; 57636.21 Transmission Distribution; 1341.86 Twiford, Calvin; 4407.70 Tyler Technologies; 1500 U S Postmaster; 146.72 Ullery, Jennifer; 869.14 UW 4-H in Converse Co; 150 Valentine, Terry; 60 Velasquez, Seth Michael; 1495.37 Verizon Wireless; 17996.32 Visa; 3238.43 Vision Service Plan; 1988.78 Visionary Communications; 175.19 Vyve Broadband; 1224.30 WatchGuard Video; 5560 Weidenhamer, Leslie; 1245.99 Willox, Tione M; 264.32 Wright, Weston; 4603.58 WY Behavioral Institute; 245 WY County Assessors Assoc; 39392.45 WY Dept of Health-Public Health Nursing; 1002.01 WY Dept of Transportation; 18 WY Financial Insurance; 130.10 WY First Aid & Safety Supply; 23139.71 WY Machinery Co; 11767.22 WY Medical Center; 664.31 WY Public Health Laboratory; 361.74 WY Rigging & Industrial Supply; 492 Xerox Financial Services; 7500 Youth Development Services; 24530 Z Lazy Y Trucking; monthly reports for June: Assessor: 62.00; Clerk: 45041.78; Clerk of District Court: 14441.16; Public Health: 5274.10; Road & Bridge: 53596.51; Void Warrants #59597 74.38; and #59958 4536; Mr. Short seconded, the commission abstained from voting on warrants issued to themselves; motion carried. Mr. Short moved to approve the grazing lease agreement between Converse County and WY Board of Land Commissioners from Apr. 1, 2021 to Mar. 31, 2023 in the amount of 58.43 (1.35 per AUM) for 2021, and a rate to be determined for 2nd year; Mr. Grant seconded; motion carried. Mr. Lehner moved to ratify the bid agreement between Converse County and B&M Sand & Gravel for 45000 tons of gravel at 9.25/ton, Poison Lake Road project; Mr. Short seconded; motion carried. Mr. Colling moved to ratify the bid agreement between Converse County and Mobile Concrete Inc. for 58000 tons of gravel at 9.25/ton, Boxelder Road project; Mr. Short seconded; Mr. Grant abstained from the vote; motion carried. Mr. Grant moved to ratify the MOA between Converse County and Magellan Pipeline for County-performed/Magellan-funded safety improvements on Bedtick Road in an amount not to exceed 48125; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Mr. Short moved to approve the Annual Compensation Agreement for UW Educator between the University of WY and Converse County in the amount of 22434 for FY22; Mr. Colling seconded; motion carried. Mr. Short moved to approve the Maintenance/Support Services Agreement between Election Systems & Software, LLC and Converse County from August 2021 to July 2026, with annual payments of 21270 for a total contract amount of 106350; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Mr. Grant moved to approve the revised CCJJC Joint Powers Board Agreement; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Mr. Short moved to approve the revised MOU between Converse County and MHCC for Inmate Nursing Care at a reduced rate; Mr. Grant seconded; motion approved. Mr. Short moved to approve Resolution No. 02-21, Converse County, State of Wyoming, revising rates for land division and subdivision permit applications; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. The meeting recessed at 4:00 p.m. on July 6, 2021 and reconvened at 8:32 a.m. on July 7, 2021. A general County business meeting of elected officials and department heads began at 9:00 a.m. to discuss various topics. Mr. Short moved to approve an MOU between WY Supreme Court and the County for a VPN connection for County employees within the Clerk of District Court office, for a term from July 7, 2021 to July 31, 2022; Mr. Lehner seconded; motion carried. Following discussion with Mr. Clint Becker, Sheriff, Mr. Colling moved to approve a bid from Cornerstone Service and Supply to replace door sensors on 64 Detention Center doors for a total cost of 71106.92; Mr. Grant seconded; motion carried. Mr. Quentin Richardson, County Attorney, discussed upcoming personnel changes; the Commissioners authorized the County Attorney to fill a vacated position and offer an appropriate relocation allowance if necessary. The Commission authorized the hiring of a hearing officer for the Aug. 23 and Aug. 30, 2021 Board of Equalization hearings. The meeting recessed at 11:00 a.m. and reconvened at 1:30 p.m.  The Commission determined the 2021 Commission Renewal Scholarship recipient. Don Blackburn, Converse County Fair Board Chairman, provided County Fair Board updates. The regular meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

/s/ Karen Rimmer, County Clerk    /s/ James H. Willox, Chairman

Publish: July 14, 2021    4813

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