A Guadalajara restaurant is planning to open in Douglas this summer and will be run out of the old Clementine’s Cattle Company location at the Madora Plaza.

The opening date for the Mexican restaurant is still up in the air, but owner Clemente Moreno is shooting for sometime around “mid-summer,” Moreno said with his daughter, Cynthia, translating for him.

“We’re waiting until after winter to do some construction on the inside and outside (of the building),” Moreno said.

Cynthia added that they’re also waiting until COVID-induced public health guidelines are loosened, which she hopes will happen within the next few months.

Moreno, who owns and operates Guadalajara restaurants in Casper, Wheatland and Cheyenne, bought the old Clementine’s plaza space last November.

“We get a lot of people (at the restaurant) here in Casper from Douglas who say we should open one in Douglas because there’s not many Mexican restaurants in Douglas,” Cynthia said, “and they don’t always want to drive to Casper, especially when the weather’s bad.”

Clemente wasn’t sure how big the staff for the new restaurant will be, but it could be similarly-sized to the Casper location, which usually has around 15 employees.

Cynthia expects they’d hire Douglas workers rather than have existing Casper staff commute to Douglas.

Clemente and his family manage all of their Wyoming Guadalajara restaurants.

“There’s no big company keeping us up,” Cynthia said, “it’s all family owned.”

Cynthia said when the Douglas location opens, she plans to travel back and forth between it and the Guadalajara in Casper to oversee it.

“We have high expectations for it,” Cynthia said. “We’ve been doing good in our restaurants and we expect good business in Douglas.”

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