Bartling Park Tennis Court

Heidi Egner plays tennis with Rokky Rich (not pictured) on the court at Bartling Park beside the lights that Douglas City Council plans to replace with updated fixtures.

The Douglas City Council plans to replace the aging poles and lights on the north end of Bartling Park.

The city plans to install new poles and field lights around the north field and upgrade the fixtures on the poles around the tennis court.

The project, estimated to cost around $200,000, is expected to be completed this summer.

A contractor has not yet been determined.

The council opened bids for the project on March 31; city hall is accepting bids until 2 p.m. on April 14.

The lighting equipment was originally installed in the 1970s and some of the pole bases are in poor shape, causing the poles to lean and sway in the wind, Douglas Parks and Cemetery Supervisor Brandon Frye said.

Using LED lighting, the north field will be lit with four poles instead of the original eight.

The new lighting will reduce glare during evening events, Frye said.

The two ball fields at Bartling Park are commonly used during the spring and fall for the city’s youth soccer program.

They also have been used in the summer for the girls’ softball tournaments, tee-ball and machine pitch programs, Council Member Monty Gilbreath wrote in a letter to the council.

With the new lights youth soccer athletes will be able to practice this spring as the sun goes down, he said.

It is his hope that new lights can be installed for the second field next year, to provide more recreational opportunities for the community.

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