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Memorial Hospital of Converse County officials are encouraging people who received their first COVID-19 vaccination from the hospital to return within 28 days for their second dose of the vaccine, said Practice Administrator Terry Moss.

MHCC is administering the second shot in the series to individuals from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday on the fourth floor.

However, please be aware MHCC is not administering shots to anyone else at this time, as they are out of the COVID-19 vaccine for anyone else – except those people getting their second shot in the series of two.

“Currently we are out of first round vaccinations for folks. They were supposed to arrive last week, but they didn’t. It’s unknown at this time when they will arrive. We're hopeful it will be anytime,” Moss said.

Moss asked people to please be flexible, as state and federal rules and guidelines are constantly changing and updating, thus MHCC is also making adjustments to reflect the most current information released.

If you received your initial COVID-19 vaccination at MHCC, you should return to the hospital to receive the second dose within 28 days. There is a four day window surrounding the 28 day mark, so don’t worry if you are a day early or a day or two late.

People who were initially vaccinated at Converse County Public Health should return to public health for their second dose of vaccine, Moss said.

Moss noted some people are experiencing more reactions with the second COVID-19 vaccine, usually the day after the injection, consisting of fatigue, muscle aches, nausea and headaches.

“We don’t want to deter anyone from getting their second dose. While it is a little more of a reaction than say, the reaction to the flu vaccination, we don’t want folks to not come in for their second dose. The vaccine is working. The second dose is fighting against the first dose and that’s good, it means it’s working,” he said.

MHCC officials will alert the public just as soon as more vaccines have arrived.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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