Bearcat Football vs Cody

Douglas football vs. Cody Broncs in a zero week game. The season opening game scheduled for Sept. 3 (tonight) against Torrington has been cancelled due to injuries and illnesses on the Trailblazers' team.

The Douglas Bearcat home football game schedule for this evening (Friday, Sept. 3) against Torrington has been cancelled after the Trailblazers forfeited due to excessive injuries and illnesses plagued the varsity team.

According to DHS coach Jay Rhoads, Torrington coaches decided it was "not in their best interest" to try to travel to Douglas when half the 14 players able to play are sophomores and would be confined in a bus for a couple hours each way. The illnesses are not confirmed as COVID-19 cases because the students have not been tested, but they are staying home for self-care.

Douglas Athletic Director Doug Hughes was trying to find a replacement game for the Bearcats's season opener on Friday morning, but Rhoades said as of 10:30 a.m. they had been unable to find someone with an open date who was also eligible to play against Douglas due to distance, size of school or association rules from other surrounding states. If they find an opponent, the football team may have to travel to another school rather than host their first home contest, but if they cannot find a team to play, Rhoades said, the coaches will just have the players take the night off to rest and take care of themselves.

The story will be updated as the situation changes. 

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