Trinity Baptist volunteers make food pantry possible

Jim Walker loads boxes of frozen goods into a freezer at the First Trinity Baptist Church food pantry Jan. 8.

The bright morning sun shimmers through the windows of the Trinity Baptist Church food pantry, illuminating boxes of fresh produce, dried goods and frozen meat.

Jim Walker, the deacon in charge of the pantry, piles cuts of frozen lamb into a freezer while his wife, Debbie, and daughter, Jessie, sort produce into a couple of large refrigerators.

“This is Jim’s passion that became a family affair,” Debbie quipped about the small food pantry.

The pantry is in a garage building just west of the church at 1418 Griffith Way and is open for walk-ins Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The program is partnered with the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies, from which they receive most of their food.

Walker usually makes weekly trips to Casper to get food from the food bank, but he said he occasionally purchases food locally if he can find a really good price. He and his wife almost always help stock the pantry, while other church members help when they can.

Jim explained that the pantry wouldn’t be possible without the support of church members, who have gracioulsy donated fridges and other supplies for the pantry.

Although the food bank gets about 40 visitors on a typical Saturday, Jim said that many are getting food for their families. So realistically, over a hundred individuals are fed by the pantry a week.

Due to public health guidelines, only two people are allowed to browse the food bank at a time and masks are required.

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