Jonathan Teichert

City of Douglas Administrator Jonathan Teichert

It appears City of Douglas Administrator Jonathan Teichert is searching for a new job, as he is listed as one of three finalists in the running to be Gillette’s next city administrator.

The Gillette News Record reported June 17 that Teichert, Hyun Kim, of Fife Washington, and Kevin Carunchio, of Onyo County, California are under consideration for the position, which pays between $135,000 and $175,000, plus benefits. Teichert's salary with the City of Douglas is roughly $125,000.

Teichert, Carunchio and Onyx visited Gillette on Tuesday for a meet and greet with the public, followed by interviews Wednesday, the News Record reported.

City of Gillette Communications Manager Geno Palazzari confirmed today that their city government has not decided who they will offer the job to.

“No, we have not yet made a decision. While the idea is to make the decision as quickly as possible, I have no idea of the time frame for that decision,” Palazzari stated.

Teichert said at this time, he does not have any comments to share regarding his application with the City of Gillette for their city administrator position.

When asked if he had heard back from the City of Gillette yet, he said no, although if offered the job, he did say, “I would consider it.”

City of Douglas Mayor Rene Kemper did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding whether or not she and Douglas’ city council members were aware Teichert is applying for other jobs.

Douglas City Council Member Ron McNare said he learned about Teichert’s application to the Gillette position by reading an article in the Gillette News Record and said he was not aware Teichert was looking for another job until today.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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