Donation Glenrock Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming CEO Ashley Bright proudly displays a sign commemorating a $100,000 donation to the B&G club of Glenrock at the Paisley Shawl Jan. 15. Jackson Hole’s Foster and Lynette Friess made the donation at the request of Dr. Joseph McGinley.

The Boys and Girls Club of Glenrock is one step closer to a new facility after they received a $100,000 donation from Jackson Hole financier Foster Friess and his wife Lynnette, at the request of Dr. Joseph McGinley.

This is the largest donation given to the B&G Club of Glenrock by an individual, B&G Clubs of Central Wyoming CEO Ashley Bright said.

Bright said the donation will be “significant for the overall development of the operations and what we’ll be able to do in the facility.”

The Friess’ donation was honored with a light dinner Thursday night hosted by Converse County Commissioner Robert Short and his wife, Janella at their local restaurant, the Paisley Shawl. Other commissioners, Glenrock town officials and some simply interested in the club’s future attended.

McGinley, owner of Casper-based McGinley Orthopedics (which has a manufacturing facility in Glenrock), was instructed by Friess to choose a worthy charity for his massive donation. McGinley said getting to make a choice was humbling but very difficult – in fact, he spent three days researching charities and speaking with them to understand their needs.

“I put this whole spread sheet together for the charities and looked at what would serve the communities the best,” he explained.

McGinley said he chose the club as the recipient because it would serve the community for generations to come.

More coverage on the B&G club of Glenrock will be in the next issue of the Glenrock Independent and the Douglas Budget.

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