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Douglas Police and CCSD#1 said Douglas High School classes will return to normal in-person session Tuesday, Feb. 1, after an investigation showed the shooting threat made against the school was done in an out-of-state jurisdiction against a different DHS school.

For more information, see the Douglas Budget print edition.

Douglas school officials have closed Douglas High School to in person learning today follow the discovery of an online threat of a shooting specifically related to Douglas High School. The threat was discovered late Sunday night and early this morning.

Posted on Converse County School District No. 1’s website this morning is the following: “Late last evening and into the early morning hours, high school administration became aware of an online threat of shooting violence specifically related to Douglas High School.

“An investigation by district staff, local law enforcement and state personnel is ongoing, but the district needs more time to discern the exact nature of this threat. Therefore, Douglas High School will move to a virtual day on Monday, Jan. 31,” officials wrote.

According to their website, no other school buildings within the district are threatened and children are allowed to attend in person.

Precautions are being taken to assure students and staff in those buildings remain safe. Law enforcement personnel will be present at all CCSD1 buildings this morning and throughout the day.

High school students have moved to virtual learning online today. Additionally, all students at any grade level can log in to online classes if families prefer to keep their children home.

Parents are encouraged to follow virtual guidelines for their schools and let teachers know if their students are staying home.

All DHS students should log in to the Canvas platform and check their school email. Activities practices after school will depend on how the situation unfolds, so coaches will be in touch with practice details later today.

School and law enforcement officials are asking parents and/or students who have information related to the school shooting threat please report it immediately by calling school administrators at 307-358-2940, emailing high school principal Ryan Mackey at or contacting the Douglas Police Department at 307-358-3311. In case of emergency, call 911.

More information and updates will be emailed should they becomes available, according to school officials.

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