Timothey Kindle

A Converse County man has been charged with one count of assault for beating his former, pregnant girlfriend four years ago and causing her to abort their child.

Timothey J. Kindle,23, has been charged with periodically punching his then 17-year-old girlfriend in the stomach with the intent of causing an abortion from the fall of 2007 until January 2008,  prosecutors claim in Eighth District Court documents.

When contacted by the Budget, Kindle declined to comment about his charge and has hired a private attorney, Cole N.Sherard out of Wheatland to represent him.

However, in an interview with law enforcement, Kindle allegedly admitted he did punch the girl, Valarie S. Luckenbihl, 21, with the intent of terminating the pregnancy, court documents state.

In January 2008, the fetus was aborted at Kindle’s family residence while Kindle was present, according to a Converse County Sheriff’s Office affidavit file in court.

After the abortion, court records state, Kindle’s mother Rubetta Kindle took the fetus and buried it in her backyard. When Rubetta was interviewed by sheriff’s deputies, she showed them the location of the burial.

 Once a search warrant was obtained, the remains were exhumed and sent to the University of Wyoming Department of Anthropology, where it was determined the fetus was 22 to 24 weeks gestation.

Kindle was arrested Jan. 6 and had a preliminary hearing in circuit court Feb. 9. His bond was set at $10,000, which he paid. However, no other court dates have been set.

Rubetta has been charged with accessory after the fact and had an initial appearance in circuit court Feb. 21.

 Luckenbihl filed for a protection order against Kindle accusing him of choking, shoving and kicking her when he was mad. The order was served to Kindle’s residence Jan. 4, documents state.    

If convicted on the single felony assault count Kindle faces up to 10 years in prison or up to $10,000 in fines or both.  

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Come on Collin, what did they teach you in journalism school? For sure is wasn't even the least bit of medical information. An 'abortion' is a medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy. A 'miscarriage' is a spontaneous event that happens during pregnancy that terminates the pregnancy. As described in the article, this young lady spontaneously aborted -- this is a miscarriage unattended by a physician. Of course, I suspect you chose this word, abortion, and used it several times to make the piece more inflammatory. Might sell papers, but bad journalism.


odin: Who cares??? The story is worthy of publishing regardless. The choice of vocabulary does not make this "man's" actions any more or less horrible/disgusting/selfish.


This is not an abortion. This is not a miscarriage. This is murder and this piece of slime should be facing the needle


odin???? as you say a miscarriage is spontaneous...this monster beat the young lady in order to cause her body to abort the baby. Very different than a miscariage. If it was spontanious why did the boy and his mother hide the fetus. The girlfriend was being abused and was scared to death of him. She was underage at the time and her name should have never been released to the media. Now she has to relive this all over and in the public eye.


Murder? Really?! Doesn't matter? Seriously?! Of course it matters, conflating this crime (and for sure it is a heinous one and this young man deserves a long sentence if guilty as described here) with abortion only confuses both issues. Abortion is a (still!) legal medical procedure that should be strictly between a woman and her health care provider. No one but those two should stick their beak into it. Period. Collin calling this "abortion" might sensationalize the story and sell papers; but it is also makes it sound like some doctor had a part on this crime. That did not happen (at least as described). Second, this can't be murder -- there was no viable human being here. No one 'person' that could live on his/her own. It was still a collection of cells that would have one day turned into a full human being. It wasn't there yet. Nothing more, nothing less.


@ jobobuddy : I think you are taking it to far! People screw up in life and they have to live with the consequences, They also have to learn to make themselves better for society if they wish to live in it.

This man made a grave mistake and now he has to deal with it. There is things that happen in this town everyday that can disgust people. Heck things worse then this happen all the time around this little town and people barley do anything to stop it.
We have a coalition for women in this town, If the girl was in such a bad state she could have gone to them or to the police. I feel this is both or their mistakes and now both have to live it it.

I am not saying what he did was right....It was wrong! You should never hit a women! But at the same time she should have never been with a guy older then her when she was still a minor. which does not make what he did right in any way.

I pray for both of these individuals that GOD will forgive them both and help them thru these hard times.

I am not holding my breath for this court system out here because little gets done around here for things like this.


Are you even remotely serious thatguy? A mistake? What bizzaro world did you just drop in from where murdering an innocent baby is "a mistake"?

Despite what those who wish to duck their reponsibilities believe, "abortion" is murder, plain and simple


Why are the socialtwits at this rag censuring me instead of those defending this genetic mishap?


this is not an abortion it is murder plain and simple.


1 of a 100 best small towns??????? this guy better fry for murder


jobobuddy, try posting the truth about a certain someone at city hall (in the admin office) and then complain about it,


odin: A 24 week old fetus is officially considered viable, even at 20 weeks in some states. Research also shows they can feel pain at this stage of developement. 39% of babies born at this age survive. While you have the right to post and defend your pro-abortion stance by downplaying this act, remember, 24 week old unborn babies that are being viciously and painfully beaten to death, don't have a voice.


OK Ben we'll run through this. At 23 weeks there is a 17% chance of survival for a fetus born at this stage -- prior to that the chances drop rapidly to 0% (and doesn't even hit 50% until 25 weeks). Survive outside of the womb? At what cost? 1 in 10 premature babies will develop a permanent disability such as lung disease, cerebral palsy, blindness or deafness and 50% of premature babies born before the 26th week of gestation are disabled, a quarter severely so. I'm not pro-abortion any more than I am pro-life. I am pro-CHOICE. This decision should be up to the woman. And guess what -- IT STILL IS, for now. I am grateful that the decision is not up to you Ben. I'll say it again -- this young man deserves a long sentence for what he did (if this article accurately describes what happened). But to call it abortion is beyond the pale. It wasn't abortion; a young woman was savagely beaten and had a miscarriage. You think that life begins at conception, but ends at birth. Or perhaps I should as -- how many of these kids have you adopted Ben?


I dont condone this, Douglas Budget should have used a better sence of words. you made him out to sound like a monster. Report news dont try to make something sound more awfull by using words out of text. Aint you more profesinal than that come on. That would never happen in any other news paper.


[thumbdown] I think alot of opinions are being said here calling it abortion, this and that and personally I do not think it matters what word you might use, the point is the unborn baby is dead due to whatever it is was done. In my opinion I think the accused is the only one being portrayed as the monster when more than just him were involved, not one person is not to blame in this situation and that includes the once pregnant mother. Everyone to blame deserves punishment due to their part in the crime but lets make sure we do realize that a full investigation is required and only once the full truth is out and open can anyone make their full thoughts on who is a p.o.s and who is not,(truthfully that does not even matter, if thats all people are interested in than it is pathetic, think of justice for the unborn child instead of who should die blah blah) and do not just go off of what some newspaper writes, a newspaper job in a small town is to make certain things sound alot more dramatic than they really are with their use of words and descriptions.


Does anyone in this town know the people in the story really.....do you even know what lead up to it happening.....no you don't........like babee_07_gurl said ask them and see what happened and what lead up to it and then make your choice.....you'll find out alot if you did and everything

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