Car Show

Rachelle, Savannah and Jubal Harris examine a silver Mustang convertible at the Knight Kruiser’s Show and Shine at Converse County State Fair.

On Sunday, the Knight Kruisers organization and community folks gathered at the State Fair Grounds to celebrate automobiles as part of the Converse County Fair.

The event was put on by the Knight Kruisers and supported by Converse County Bank, who provided water, and the Converse County Fair Board.

Organizer Deb Gorsuch, Treasurer of the Knight Kruisers, said her favorite part of the event is, “Seeing everybody.”

Despite the heat, 11 vehicles entered in the Shine and Show presentation. Instead of judges, the cars were reviewed by visitors who voted for their favorite. The People’s Choice Award was given to Frank Gorsuch for his 41 Ford Deluxe Coup.

Frank and his wife Deb also brought their baby blue 65 Ford Mustang.

Frank said, “I appreciate cars. I like the more original ones.” He felt they had interesting components and more character than newer makes and models.

Former President of Knight Kruisers Gordon Smith was there with his red 1949 Studebaker truck with a 12 valve Cummins diesel engine. He got it because it’s like his first truck he got while growing up in Douglas.

Gordon and local mechanic Clint Nystul opened the Studebaker’s hood to examine the engine. Also from Douglas, Clint’s been a member of Knight Kruisers for almost 20 years. He likes, “being with the cars,” he said. “I’m a car nut and a car junkie.” And, he hopes to show his dream car, a 1967 GT 500, in the future, because he’s admired Carroll Shelby and the Mustang since he was a young person.

Current President Keith Hayman was there with his wife. He displayed a baby blue and white 1957 Cadillac Series 62 with a 365 V8 engine. They got involved, because they are “car people” and have “lots of cars.” He got the Cadillac, because his wife likes Cadillacs.

Locals Jeff and his wife Darla Busboom visited the Shine and Show. Jeff’s favorite part is, “Seing new cars we haven’t seen before. Seeing the craftsmanship.”

Rachelle Harris and her kids, Savannah and Jubal, stopped by to see Jubal’s award winning 4-H project and decided to drop in on the car display. Jubal’s favorite vehicle was the Studebaker. He said, “I like how all the hoods are open, so you can look at the cylinders and things. I like the antiqueness.”

Brendon Grant of Glenrock was there with his first car he got when he was 14 years old: a 1983 Mustang GT. “I love cars,” he said. And, he mentioned he likes to “support the county fair.”

After viewing the cars, Knight Kruisers Jim Curley and Frank Gorsuch gathered with a small group in the shade of a trailer and canopies. Jim was there with his motorcycle.

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