Another 28 deaths among Wyoming residents have been tied to the coronavirus, the Wyoming Department of Health said Tuesday.

But at the same time, the number of active COVID-19 cases in the state dropped by almost 500.

The Department of Health, in a news release, said the deaths that occurred between November and within the last week raised the number of Wyoming residents whose deaths have been tied to the virus to 550.

Most of the deaths reported Tuesday were among individuals identified as older adults.

Seven of the deaths occurred among Natrona County residents, four women and three men. Campbell County reported four deaths among its residents, two men and one woman.

Other victims included an Albany County man, a Big Horn County woman, a Carbon County man, a Fremont County man and woman, a Goshen County man, three Laramie County men, a Park County man, a Platte County man, a Sheridan County woman, a Sweetwater County man and woman, a Teton County woman, a Uinta County man and a Washakie County man.

Meanwhile, the number of active coronavirus cases in Wyoming fell to 1,789 on Tuesday, a decline of 489 from Monday.

The Department of Health, in its daily coronavirus update, reported 123 new confirmed coronavirus cases and 91 new probable cases.

However, the new cases were offset by 675 reports of recoveries among patients with either confirmed or probable cases.

Natrona County had 292 active cases; Teton County had 266; Uinta County had 225; Laramie County had 184; Park had 109; Sweetwater had 104; Campbell had 99; Sheridan had 93; Fremont had 86; Albany had 47; Hot Springs had 45; Platte had 38; Lincoln had 35; Goshen and Johnson had 30; Big Horn and Converse had 26; Carbon had 18; Washakie had 17; Crook and Sublette had six; Weston had five, and Niobrara had two.

Active cases are determined by adding the total confirmed and probable coronavirus cases diagnosed since the illness first surfaced in Wyoming on March 12, subtracting the number of recoveries during the same period among patients with both confirmed and probable cases and taking into account the number of deaths attributed to the illness.

The increases in confirmed and probable cases brought the total number of people diagnosed with coronavirus since the virus was identified in Wyoming in March to 49,922.

Of those, 47,583 have recovered, the Department of Health said.

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