Converse County has reported its first COVID-19-related death in a few months.

The victim was an older woman who died earlier this month. She was not hospitalized but previously had health conditions known to put people at higher risks of serious illness, according to the Converse County Emergency Management Agency. 

This is the 19th COVID-related death in Converse County, the first since the spring, Darcey Cowardin, Converse County Public Health nurse manager said.

As of Monday, there have been 760 coronavirus-related deaths across Wyoming.

Converse County also reported 14 new positive cases Tuesday morning. Marking the 38th new case in about a week. 

Among the 14 new cases includes a child in the Boys and Girls Club of Douglas and a Glenrock bus driver.  Most of the people who tested positive are under the age of 50, Cowardin said.

“It’s scary to watch this happen,” she told the Douglas Budget. 

Twenty-four cases may not seem like a lot in a large city, but it is a lot in a community in Wyoming, she added. 

The uptick in cases is being attributed to people being unvaccinated and the spread of the Delta variant, which is a version of the coronavirus that has been found in more than 80 countries since it was first detected in India, according to the Associated Press. 

Public health is seeing something that could bring the state back to where it was last fall when COVID-19 cases were high, “or worse because kids are now involved,” Cowardin said.

“The first strain of COVID was not as infectious with children for whatever reason,” she said. “But this Delta variant is more contagious to our kids.”

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