CHEYENNE, Wyo., Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- HealyWorld has announced it is entering the US market bringing the Healy™ microcurrent medical device to millions of Americans suffering with acute, chronic and arthritis pain. Much like the Apple iPod and Watch, the Healy is personal and wearable.

Used in 42 countries by more than 2,000 Doctors and Healing Practitioners the Healy scans the individual's bioenergetic field via electrodes placed on the wrists and suggests an individualized frequency program to relieve the area of discomfort. Bioenergetic balancing can improve muscle soreness for improved performance and overall wellbeing.

The Healy introduces individualized microcurrent frequencies which:

- Increase cell membrane voltage thus improving the health and life cycle of the cell

- Increase ATP production up to 500% via the mitochondria

- Increase protein synthesis up to 70% within the DNA of our cells

- Increase amino acid transport, the building blocks of protein synthesis up to 40%

"We are constantly and actively developing new systems as well as pursuing leading-edge research and development in the field of frequency applications and Information Field Science," explains Marcus Schmieke, Founder of TimeWaver® and Inventor of Healy products.

The Healy is a compact wearable device that works with your smartphone. The Healy Watch can be used while active and the Healy Resonance is available for professional use. "What I had in mind was a device that everyone could use every day, something compact, simple, and practical," explains Schmieke.

To learn more about the Healy World USA Products and/or Business Opportunity please visit:

About Healy World USA: Marcus Schmieke developed the Healy, together with Nuno Nina, two extraordinary people with extraordinary visions. Marcus Schmieke is the inventor and developer of the TimeWaver® and Healy™, and is the founder of the Institute for Existential Consciousness Research in Berlin. Nuno Nina is a clinical director, researcher and practitioner whose experience with thousands of clients all over the world has enabled him to develop the 144,000 Gold Frequencies.

Name: Kathy Rompola | Independent Member of Healy World USA

Email:   Call/Text: (832) 361-0773

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