Matt Adelman

We are not surprised by the actions of Converse County residents this past week. Read that again, we are NOT surprised. Our residents have always been willing to help out when some- one needs it. We have always jumped to action with fundraisers, rides to medical appointments, direct donations of food or cash, you name it.

So the call to action last week and again this week about Supporting Local Life (see the special section inside this issue) and shopping locally can already be seen producing results. Businesses, wherever possible, are trying to keep their doors open for their customers, even if it is limited hours, limited numbers and sometimes with limited sup- ply.

And residents are there for them by:

• working hard to shop locally to help those businesses, • supporting all the non-profits which are reeling from

a drastic increase in need in the community,

• doing what they can to make sure first responders, volunteer firefighters, doctors and nurses and other medical staff, and others in the community know they

are appreciated,

• and banding together to show other residents, visitors

and the rest of Wyoming that Converse County is there to help each other get through this.

Throughout this week’s issues of the Douglas Budget and Glenrock Independent are stories of people helping people, of families working together to make the best of this terrible situation and of hope that this, too, shall pass. We will continue to bring you such stories, week after week, because we need to know that positive things are happening in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic turmoil afflicting our businesses and energy industries upon which we rely so heavily.

We won’t shy away from covering the news, good and bad, as it happens, but a steady diet of COVID-19’s bad impacts and none of the good cannot do much more than give us all a giant ulcer.

So, thanks to all of you who have stepped up to help or simply vowed to shop locally whenever you can. You can count yourself among the many heroes who will help us all get through this.

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