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Gov. Mark Gordon isn’t wrong about his opposition to federal overreach (see the guest editorial on this page). Government governs best when it governs least. That’s a basic Republican principle and one Wyoming has long not only applauded but fought to maintain in the Cowboy State and with our representation in D.C . You can read for yourself how the governor is taking that principle to the next step when it comes to federal mandates for vaccines, for instance.

He’s not wrong.

We really believe we leave decisions about vaccinations and all other personal health care decisions to citizens and their doctors, though we believe private businesses also have a right to keep their workplaces and employees safe and healthy and should be free to make decisions about how best to accomplish that free from government interference.

Yes, this pandemic is a public health care crisis (and a worldwide economic one) that will require all of us doing the right thing to curb, but the government should be appealing to our sense of right and wrong to do the smart thing. It should not be forcing us through mandates. We understand the government’s quandary, of course, when a segment of the population simply refuses to do the right thing and puts the rest of the us at risk, but that doesn’t justify more mandates. Try education and persuasion.

The federal government forcing health decisions is never a good idea. Nor is it good when the government or courts get involved in restricting health decisions. So when Republicans like Gordon, the central committee of the Wyoming Republican Party – or even GOP and Democrats in Congress –cry foul about vaccine mandates but demand federal regulations on other health care decisions or try to stop efforts to deal with out-of-control prescription drug prices and double-digit inflation in medical care costs . . . well, something reeks of hypocrisy.

You can’t be pro-regulation on some personal health care decisions just because you want to control that one thing but decry all the others as a matter of principle and not expect people to question you’re true reasons. Do you believe in limited regulations and keeping government out of our bedrooms and pocketbooks . . . or only when it suits your political agenda?

–– Matt Adelman

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