People are so confused about the war on terror and the connection to Islam. But the issue is being obfuscated with the extreme right’s ‘merica rhetoric and the left’s identity politics.

The argument is laid that we cannot discriminate against people based on their religion or race on the left. And anytime anyone says Islam is bad they are chastised as being racist.

The right screams about security and borders and can’t differentiate between an ideology and the people who follow it versus radicalism.

The problem is simple once you understand that Islam describes both a religion and a system of government.

The Koran describes how a governors and political power hierarchy should be developed. It is, in fact, not so different in principle as the democratic republic we live in today.

First, let’s review the U.S. governmental theory.

We don’t live in a democracy. This was intentional from the beginning. The Founding Father’s knew that a pure democracy, majority rule, system allows the majority to become an angry mob and subjugate the minority.

Instead, we have a republic. The primary difference is the Constitution. We have a democratic process to elect leaders who must then act within the confines of the Constitution. This protects everyone from being trampled by a majority.

A pure democracy could, with 50.1 percent, pass laws that force the 49.9 percent to work and pay taxes to support the majority, allowing them to stay home and watch TV.

In our republic, this is not allowed under the Constitution. That all-important document protects everyone from a runaway majority with misplaced ideals.

An Islamocracy is designed very similar to the U.S. democratic republic, with the exception that the protections of the Constitution would be replaced with their holy book, the Koran.

The Koran and its interpretations over the last 1400 years make up Sharia Law, the rules the Islamic world live by and the punishments that are dealt for crimes.

There are several issues with Sharia Law that are rarely addressed and these are in direct opposition to the ideals we embrace with western society.

First is that there are two similar Sharia Laws. The Suni and Shia have each developed their own interpretation of what it is and is not acceptable. They are similar but have some very distinct differences in areas important to Muslims.

This is a big part of why the Suni and Shia have been at war for nearly a century.

Some of the major problems with Sharia are the patriarchal laws. For instance, females can be given in marriage at birth. And the age for consummation of that marriage is listed as “when the husband and bride’s father agree the girl is able to accommodate her husband,” according to one Sharia. The other says that sex can occur at 9 years old.

Another unacceptable law is that people caught having homosexual sex are to be executed, with being dropped from the tallest tower in the town being the recommended method of execution.

And freedom of speech goes right out the window within an Islamocracy. Sharia calls for beheading if one speaks ill of Allah or their prophet Muhammed.

The problem isn’t that Muslims want to face east to pray, or partake in Ramadan. The problem is the imams and leaders who are pushing for Sharia Law.

The Nazi’s were a political party with particular political management views that conflicted with our established government. We, as Americans, had no problem fighting for our way of life from them.

The communists came next, and we engaged in a Cold War to keep the socialists from destroying our free market and capitalist lifestyle.

It’s American to accept the Muslim as an individual if they are not a threat as a person. But we can and should reject the Islamocracy that ISIS and the Islamic governments are propagating. And we should reject them with all the resources we have.

Less than 1 percent of the U.S. population is Muslim, with 63 percent of those being immigrants. Of the 2.75 million Muslims in the U.S., 51 percent of them are in favor of Sharia Law in America, according to a 2015 survey.

The fight against Islam is not racist any more than the fight against Communism or Nazism was racist. They are essentially the same fight for a new generation.

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