I wonder if those “like and share for prayer” photos people post on Facebook actually work.

I’m not even being snarky or sarcastic, I’m actually curious if there’s something to the mere act of liking and sharing something. It seems to me that when you’d click a like, it will show up on another person’s newsfeed, and then they’ll see the photo and they will read it and pray for it themselves.

But it gets old seeing prayer posts alongside the “minions” memes and cynical eCards. People share those things without a second thought, and it gets annoying seeing them over and over again. They’re almost as bad as the unwanted political opinions that pop up from people I barely know.

But when it comes to praying, it’s the thought that counts, right? There’s no harm done by spreading awareness for a cause that you care about, or asking for intercessions on behalf of those in need. But that might not be the case.

I saw a goofy post a few weeks ago that made me start to question the prayer posts on Facebook. 

The photo attached to the post showed a dog with a piece of ham stuck to its face. Yet, the caption accompanying the photo was misleading; “This dog was horribly disfigured and burned trying to save its owners from a fire,” which was followed by “1 like = 1 prayer, 1 share = 5 prayers.” 

What blew my mind was that people liked and shared the photo, asking people to pray for a dog that’s only affliction was a pork product plastered to its face. People were asking others to pray for a dog that really had nothing wrong with it. I could laugh if it was a joke, but something about people sincerely believing that post didn’t sit right with me. 

It makes me wonder if some people are really that gullible. 

There’s a story in the Bible where Jesus asks you to pray in private, instead of loudly aggrandizing on the street corner like the Pharisees. Maybe we should all heed that message and put our prayers where God can actually hear them.

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