Oh this year!

I know all of us could take a break from 2020. It’s seems like we’re in the third installment of the longest 365 days that has ever been recorded since the beginning of time.

Unrest, pandemic, economic uncertainty, food banks not able to keep up with the need, a brand new virus that is sweeping across the world, a presidential election that by far has been the craziest ever.

I could go on, but why? We all know how difficult and stressed things have been.

Once in a while though, something comes out of nowhere that brings in a ray of sunshine in what has been a dark and dreary year.

My hubby, Jim, and I were blessed with such a thing over the past couple of weeks, and who knew that it would be in the form of a little wolf-like creature that is only about 12 inches tall.

Last spring a new litter of Swedish Vallhund puppies were born just outside Douglas. My mom happened to run into the whole group when they were visiting the vet. While my mom wasn’t necessarily looking for a second dog, these little things would not leave her mind.

Sure enough, she ended up getting a little girl. One of the smaller ones, but let me tell you, she was the leader of the pack. No fear whatsoever. Alert, smart and playful, she immediately fit in with my mom’s other dog.

Her dog was named Buttons, so she named this little girl Bows.

However, when my mom was in the hospital, Bows needed to go somewhere, and our house was the place.

It has been such an adventure having an almost nine month old puppy play, explore and run around.

We have three dogs of our own, our beagles, Molly, 13, and Lucy, 12, and my little dachshund, Buddy, who is five.

I was a little worried about Molly, who in her old age has become blind and deaf, but I didn’t need to worry.

This little ball of fluff with wolf like markings and a fluffy tail that has a twist, watches and sees things.

She walks by Molly as she goes to bed at night or outside when Molly is navigating the porch steps. She is gentle, attentive and calm, making sure that Molly gets to where she’s going without walking into a wall or door or missing a step.

Put her next to Buddy though, and the full on puppy is unloaded. She knows that she can play and wrestle and run around with him. They are now curling up on the couch together at the end of the day.

Bows, Little Wolfie, Bowsie, Shorty, whatever we call her, has settled into our lives and has picked Jim as her person. He takes her to the mountains or just around town running errands. Where he goes, she is sure to follow.

I know that once my mom is better Bows will go back, but for now, we are enjoying this little fluff ball, with her antics, her bright eyes and of course sharp puppy teeth.

She has brought a positive change into our home that was needed and very much welcomed after so much uncertainty this year.

And mom, I know that Bows will be coming back to you a very spoiled little girl.

Blame Jim.

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