We should all quit politicizing a public health issue

All it takes is one person – one person stepping inside a local business without a mask – or not maintaining at least six feet between themselves and another customer.

All it takes is one person to shut down a business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While some people in the county follow the government’s health mandates about wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and keeping at home more, many are blatantly ignoring health recommendations and have tried to make the pandemic a political issue.

To those individuals, I say, science doesn’t care about politics and this is a public health concern.

People claim COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, is just like the flu, that it’s something people will get over with no major issues.

Unfortunately, that’s entirely wrong and here’s why:

This is a novel virus, novel meaning brand spanking new. No one knows a thing about it. The longer the pandemic goes, the more scientists around the world are learning.

So yes, in one way it’s like the flu, as 100 years ago when the influenza pandemic travelled the world, scientists knew very little about it.

One person carrying the virus, either knowingly or unknowingly, who visits a local business with no mask, has the potential to shut down a business after it’s determined they spread the disease to an employee.

As a result, that business is forced to close and spend additional funds to bring in a professional cleaning service to fully sanitize the area.

The pandemic has caused enough turmoil for our local businesses without having people completely ignore public health mandates and refusing to wear a mask.

Some think that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax, a way for the Democrats to get Trump out of office. I really have no words for that argument.

To think the Democratic party has gotten every single country across the globe to portray a hoax is giving the Dems a whole lot of power. It’s essentially saying that countries have sacrificed the lives of their citizens to back one political party in the U.S.

Wow . . . that’s some power the Democrats have.

This isn’t a political issue and it never has been. It’s our duty as citizens of this country to protect each other.

Wearing a mask isn’t taking away a freedom. The constitution provides our freedom as a country, but it also comes with an obligation to protect others.

Sure, if you don’t want to wear a mask I guess that’s your choice, but just remember that it may be your fault the local bar, restaurant, day care, gift shop or grocery store has to close its doors – maybe even for good.

Maybe you’re that one person. Are you ready to take on that responsibility?

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