New steakhouse a feast for the senses

Last week I received a tour of the property that is set to become the new steak house in Douglas. The building is still very much under construction, but just walking around the massive space and hearing about the plans from marketing manager Jen Pollock and chef Andy Revella made it clear that, once completed, this new restaurant and business will be something truly special, and probably a very different type of dining experience for Douglas residents.

The building itself, right across from the Grasslands Market, is huge; it is not hard to imagine the place seating upwards of 100 people.

The planned menu items, however, did not leave as much of an impact on me as did the physical space itself, and the plans for its interior design.

The restaurant has the makings of at least feeling like a more upscale establishment, if not a bonafide one.

Tall, wide windows letting in lots of natural light rise high above what Pollock and Revella said would be a long granite-top bar. They rattled off a list of fancy cocktail drinks that would be served from this bar, in addition to classic cocktails and beer.

And perhaps most notably, the plans call for a glass fireplace right in the middle of the restaurant.

I am excited to see it completed, which is planned for February of next year. I am also curious to see how Douglas residents and other Wyomingites take to it, because the restaurant seems set to offer a dining experience in a modern open space that is a bit different from other restaurants in town.

The wild card here too is also the coronavirus pandemic. The restaurant will use an advanced water cleaning system to combat the spread of the virus, but at this point it is impossible to predict what the state of the virus’s spread and its seriousness will be by early next year. It is also difficult to know how effective the cleaning system will be when this is a virus that is primarily spread by particles in people’s breath.

Nonetheless, I will be crossing my fingers, whetting my appetite and hoping for the best for this new business in town.

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