Halloween movies? The scarier the better for me

As I get older, the month of October is turning out to be one of my absolute favorite months of the year. There’s a few reasons why that is, the chilly weather, trees showing their orange and red hues, the smell of wood fireplaces in the air and I can bring my favorite sweaters and soft wraps out of the back of the closet.

There’s another reason that I love October . . . it’s Halloween, the season of ghosts, ghouls, witches and other scary characters. October also brings all of the horror and scary movies to TV and streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

At this point, my mom is reading this and probably wondering “When did she start liking scary movies?”

I’ll admit, growing up I wasn’t a fan.

My friends would always talk about the latest horror flick, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist and any of the Halloween or Friday the 13th movies. I would have loved to be part of that conversation, but it was hard for me to watch those movies without freaking myself out.

For example, my folks were out one evening when I was in high school and I decided that I was going to watch a horror flick on TV that night. I was downstairs with the lights off (not the smartest move, I agree) and I was determined to get through the whole movie.

I don’t even remember what I was watching but I can assure you I didn’t finish it.

As I was glued to the TV, fully absorbed in the movie, I remember that one of my legs was hanging down off the couch.

Suddenly I felt something cold and wet on my shin.

Boy howdy, let me tell you! I’m sure I cleared at least two feet as I jumped in the air. My worst fear had been realized. There was a ghost, ghoul or monster in the room with me and I was sure that I was done for.

I quickly turned on all the lights, and turned off the movie. Looking around the room, under the coffee and end tables, behind the couches and down the hall, I couldn’t see anything, or anyone, else in the house with me.

Then I looked down and saw two dark brown eyes watching my every move. I found the monster.

For some reason, I forgot we had a dog. Our sweet little black and brown dachshund was quietly sitting in front of where I was sitting on the couch, probably wondering why I was jumping up like a crazy person.

As I was watching the movie, I didn’t hear him come into the room and it was his little nose that touched my leg.

A wave of relief washed over me like you wouldn’t believe. I kept all of the lights on and changed the channel to The Love Boat, something I was familiar with and knew didn’t have any monsters at all.

I’m (much) older now and over the years I’ve learned to appreciate the scary, haunting horror movies.

Only now when I watch them I make sure I know where all of my dogs are before I turn out the lights.

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