Even in a community that does so much for so many, there is one man who stands out and deserves to be recognized. Dick Taylor has been the Chairman of the local Salvation Army Unit for the past 25 years, and has decided to turn the kettles over to another person and take some well-deserved rest.

Dick moved to Douglas in 1994, and immediately became a member of the TSA board. The Kettle Campaign geared up in Douglas in 1999 and, with Dick’s guidance, has grown exponentially. 

With the money the kettles generate, the unit is able to help those in need, especially as all the money stays right here in Converse County.

Rent assistance, emergency car repairs, medication purchases, gas money, utility assistance and supplemental food are just some of the things Dick has made happen for so many using SA funds.

His easygoing manner and big heart have made him a perfect, go-to person for so many who have found some trouble in their lives and were in need of some Christian help.

The Converse County Salvation Army Boards will be celebrating Dick’s contribution at a reception in his honor to be held Jan. 18 from 5–6 p.m. at The Gathering Place. The TSA board invites any who wish to attend and wish Dick well on the next chapter of his life.


Converse County 

TSA Committee,

Ron Casalenda, Rhonda Dilts, Annette Hilyard, Frank Wiederrecht, Tim Christensen, Rich Cullen, Mary Julia Wilson, Denise Lyons and Chad Holler

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