Super Bowl 50 has garnered a new name amidst the aftermath of the NFL’s biggest year-end celebration — “The gayest Super Bowl in history.”

This, according to LGBT website, is a wonderful thing.

From Lady Gaga to a rainbow-themed halftime extravaganza to the city of San Francisco itself, I can see where they are coming from. But, is it a great thing? Depends on who you ask.

For me? Absolutely not. And it has nothing to do with homosexuals. It has everything to do with keeping things sacred, and I haven’t even mentioned the cop-hating, Black Panther Party during the halftime show.

I like to use the saying, “quit ruining my culture.” Now, that’s what I saw on full display.

Not only is it the Super Bowl, but my team was playing and winning it.

Remember when football was football and not a four-hour long public-service announcement?

The NFL, as usual, feels like it has to take a leadership role in all of society’s problems. Whether it be gay rights, women’s rights or domestic violence, this once proud league is now a mouthpiece for everyone who feels oppressed.

Can’t we just line it up, smash mouths and determine a winner on the field, please? 


Instead, during the biggest week of the season, NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell is worried about his teams not interviewing enough women for front office positions. Huh?

This dead horse has been basically slaughtered, but whatever happened to the right person for the job gets the job? 

Now, the NFL makes its teams interview women and minorities for all positions. Great, I guess. But I know if I was a black man and got a pity interview, I’d be pretty upset.

In a New York Daily News story entitled “10 places were racism is still a major issue in sports,” writer Filip Bondy claims a major issue the sports world is facing is too many white owners. 

“Until ownership of professional sports teams becomes more diverse, there can never be a trickle-down effect,” Bondy writes. “Too many white owners hire too many white vice presidents who hire too many white general managers, etc.”

So private business owners can’t choose who they hire? I’m confused. 

Can a black, green, orange or yellow guy buy a sports franchise? The simple answer is yes. And guess what, they can hire whoever they want, too. 

Michael Jordan owns the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. Does he need to interview a quota of white front office candidates? Nope.

Bondy’s liberal agenda doesn’t stop there, either.

He says upper management in baseball is too white, the media makes black athletes out to be something they aren’t, Asian athletes are “pigeonholed” and stereotyped, and, my personal favorite, the NCAA uses young black athletes and pushes them out the door without earning their degrees.

“Top college basketball and football programs continue to recruit and then exploit black athletes without proper academic counseling,” Bondy says. “And while a small minority of these players will make a great living in the NBA or NFL, the majority eventually will need to find a different profession — without a college degree.”

You’re kidding, right?

First off, the NCAA helps a ton of minority and white students out of dire situations at home and gives them a chance to succeed. Sure, colleges make a ton of money off the “free labor,” but those athletes also have just as much of a chance to “exploit” their schools and earn a degree.

How about this — people take responsibility for their own actions, pave their own way in life, be the best for the job, don’t be a stereotype and take advantage of their opportunities?

And for crying out loud, NFL, just play football and shut up. Your weak attempts to make everyone happy is insulting to everyone — including liberals.

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