Lady Cats 2-17-21

Kamdynn Townsend drives past a Wheatland defender at home last week. The Lady Cats beat the Bulldogs 77-42.

The Lady Cats seemingly show no signs of stopping their winning streak, blowing through Wheatland 77-42 Thursday before annihilating Torrington 85-43 Friday.

Head coach Cody Helenbolt said the main strategy against Wheatland was to play better offense than they had last time they faced off last month, when Douglas beat them 58-19, a relatively low-scoring game for the number-one ranked team in the state.

“Last time we played them,” Helenbolt said, “we shot about as poorly as we’ve shot in the last four years with this group of kids.”

Helenbolt was impressed with his team’s offense against the Bulldogs, although he admitted their defense had some lapses, allowing Wheatland to score 24 more points than in their last game against them.

He attributed the improved offense to more unselfish playing.

“Everybody has been doing a good job of executing their role on the team,” he said, “whether it’s to take care of the ball, pass the ball, play defense. Whatever it is, I’m really happy with all of them.”

After the Feb. 11 game, senior Brynn Zwetzig praised Wheatland’s tough defense with offering the Cats some challenges, noting that the Lady Cats had to adjust and play flexibly to find success.

Allison Olsen said the team hadn’t necessarily played poorly in the first quarter against Wheatland, leading them 27-16, but that things picked up in the second half after they relaxed and started having fun.

“This is why we love the sport of basketball,” Olsen said. “This is why we play. That’s when we realized it was going to be a breeze.”

Douglas held the Bulldogs to just 6 points in the second while racking up 20.

Against Torrington Friday, Helenbolt said the Lady Cats played especially solid offense.

“It makes the game a lot easier when you shoot as well as we did,” he said. “We shot over 40 percent from the three and over 60 percent from the two, and we made our free throws. When that happens, we’re pretty tough to stop.”

Helenbolt spotlighted Kamdynn Townsend’s efforts in the game, who led the team with 21 points and sunk six three-pointers.

The Lady Cats will host Buffalo Thursday at 5:30 p.m. before hosting Newcastle at 5:30 p.m. Friday.

Helenbolt said his team, which is ranked first in the state, is still looking good for regionals, and if they beat Buffalo Thursday, they should lock in their first-place seeding.

“We’re just trying to make sure we do a good job with our spacing. Our defense is going to kind of be our focus (against Buffalo) this week,” he said.

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